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Full of Special Benefits! Funassyi Event Is Being Held Now in Osaka!

Funassyi is supposed to be a pear fairy living in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, one of the super popular “yuru-kyara” in Japan; the cute and cuddly mascots created to promote cities and prefectures. It moves unbelievably energetically despite the costume, and talks in a distinctive way, ending sentences with “nassyi”. It also issues strange words/sounds such as “hyahhaaa” or “pear juice bushaaa” when it is excited. With its character being distinctly different from other “yuru-kyara”, it became quite popular among all ages, and has been very active in TV commercials and various events.


The 1st Anniversary Event of Funassyi Land Osaka Umeda Store is Open

“Funassyi Land Osaka Umeda Store”, where you can buy original goods of the super popular yuru-kyara Funassyi, has welcomed its first anniversary in July 2016. In celebration of this, “The 1st Anniversary Event of Funassyi Land Osaka Umeda Store” is being held between July 5 and July 31, 2016. It’s packed with rare goods and special purchase bonus that you can only get at this store. There will also be an event where you can meet the real Funassyi, so this is an opportunity that fans probably should not miss.


Can We Meet the Real Funassyi!?

“The First Anniversary Secret Event ~ Meet with Funassyi ~”will be held on July 31, 2016 at the Hotel New Hankyu Osaka, exclusively inviting only 400 fans who won the raffle.

Who Can Participate with What Condition?
 – Anyone that can participate in the July 31 event.

How You Get Raffle Tickets
 – Between July 5 and July 24, you can receive a raffle ticket every time you purchase ¥2,000 or more worth of Funassyi goods.

Winners Will Be Announced After July 25
 – Kiddy Land HP:
 – Funassyi Land Osaka Umeda Store Twitter:
 – Funassyi Land Osaka Umeda Store, storefront

When You Exchange Raffle Tickets
 – When you bring your raffle ticket and a proof of identification to the Funassyi Land Osaka Umeda Store between July 25 and 30, you will receive an event ticket with a numbered seat assignment at the storefront.


Commemorative Mug Cups

When you purchase Funassyi goods of ¥3,000 or more  during the period, you can receive a stackable mug cup with a 1st anniversary design printed, and it changes each week, too. The present campaign is only while the stock lasts, so if you would like to get them, you’d better be early than sorry.


Heart Shaped Pendant, Commemorating Funassyi’s Birth

The utterly lovely 10 karat gold pendant with Funassyi dangling is sold only at Osaka Umeda Store and by reservation through the e-commerce site (booking is closed already).


Osaka Exclusive Rubber Strap and Crunch Can

Right next to straps with a design of Funassyi posing as a comedian, there are“Choco Crunch” cans commemorating the first anniversary. You cannot stop but want both goods and food.


Transparent Folders

Transparent folders come with Funassyi prints, walking streets of Osaka eating Osaka specialty dishes like takoyaki (octopus dumplings) and kushi-katsu (cutlet on skewer). They sure will be useful at school or in office.


Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth with Funassyi prints is perfect for everyday use.


Candy Cans with Limited Edition Prints at Osaka Umeda Store Only

Once you finish eating the content, it could be used to store a deck of cards.


Funassyi Baby Castella

Super popular “Funassyi Baby Castella” is lightly sweetened, so you can eat probably as many as you like.


Funassyi is a local character one citizen of Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture has started independently. Although it is sanctioned neither by the city nor the prefecture, it has been nationally active across Japan and well-liked by many people. Let’s buy Funassyi goods you love during “The 1st Anniversary Event at Funassyi Land Osaka Umeda Store”, which is held until July 31, and get a chance to meet the real Funassyi!

Official Twitter: @funassyi

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