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10 Places to Remember for Photos at New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido

New Chitose Airport is the entrance to Hokkaido when traveling by air, and it is not just for taking on or off an airplane. We have previously introduced this airport as full of exciting facilities to visit, such as the food area packed with Hokkaido local specialty dishes, Hatsune Miku Museum, anime fans cannot afford missing or Doraemon Park for families to enjoy.

But that’s not all about New Chitose Airport. This time, we will introduce spots where you can enjoy watching airplanes and spots unique to New Chitose Airport, perfect to take memorable photos.


1. “Sky Museum”

Writer’s Photo

This is the Sky Museum on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building, located next to the food court. It was constructed with the hope to convey glamour of air travel to many people and to enhance people’s understanding of airports and aviation.

You can get a mock experience as a flight attendant or mechanic in one area, and there are flight simulators to experience flying a plane, or exhibitions of classic aircraft models. The place is equipped with facilities to gain firsthand experience that will excite both children and adults.

And there is an excellent photo shooting spot in this Sky Museum if you are visiting with small children…

Writer’s Photo

There are costumes available for children and they can transform into a pilot or CA. And you can take photos of them while they are getting mock experience in a cockpit or playing the part in a flight attendants’ seat. Your children will be overjoyed without doubt!

Open: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


2. Observation Area

Third Floor of the Domestic Terminal, in Front of the Food Court (Writer’s Photo)

This observation area is a spot that allows you to take photos with airplanes in the background. A runway extends right next to Sky Museum, in plain view from the food court, and airplanes come one after another, offering a dynamic view. There is also an eat-in area available in the food court where you can dine while you enjoy watching airplanes landing and taking off.


3. “Airport History Museum”

Writer’s Photo

When you walk the observation area from the Sky Museum, the Airport History Museum comes into your view, right in front of you. This museum consists of three zones; the history zone where the transformations of New Chitose Airport from the past to the present are explained by panel exhibitions; the gallery zone which displays uniforms and event goods from past generations; and the symbol zone to display many aircraft models.

Gallery Zone (Writer’s Photo)

Things like goods that would be rare treasures for aviation fans and nostalgic uniforms are on display. Please take a special photo for your souvenir that could not be taken anywhere else.

Open: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


4. Outdoor Observation Deck

Fourth Floor of the Domestic Terminal (Writer’s Photo)

When you come out of the Airport History Museum, you find a sign that marks the entrance of the outdoor observation deck.

Writer’s Photo

From the observation deck, you can get a full view of the runways. You can have a close-up experience of roaring airplanes flying off. You can take photos in the observation area introduced earlier with airplanes in the background, but as you can expect, you can experience far more impressive presence of airplanes in this observation deck. This is the place you can take photos of all arrivals and departures of domestic and international flights, so please do not forget to visit. The deck is open for a limited period of the year, and even during its open season, it may be closed depending on snow conditions.

June thru September 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
April, May, October, & November 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


5. “Flyers”

Writer’s Photo

“Flyers” on the 4th floor of the domestic terminal building is a store absolutely irresistible for airplane lovers. The store is packed with aircraft models, toys, domestic and foreign airline goods, and original goods, so aviation fans cannot afford missing it. This place is great for taking photos of the store and also for buying souvenirs, so please remember it for those purposes!

Open: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


6. “APINA”

Writer’s Photo

“APINA” is an amusement center and located on the 4th floor of the domestic terminal building, along with Flyers. Many made-in-Japan game machines lineup side by side, including claw crane games filled with Japanese sweets and anime character goods. You can spend a great time with your family or friends while waiting for a flight.

Writer’s Photo

And don’t forget the Purikura (print club) photo booth in the back of APINA, which offers photos only available at New Chitose Airport. With popular sightseeing destinations or specialty dishes of Hokkaido in your background, everyone at my cue, smile!

Open: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM


7. “Coca-Cola Polar Bear”

Writer’s Photo

Next runner up is the big white Coca-Cola polar bear in Gourmet World on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building. It’s a 2.6 meter tall, wood carved bear, and a huge lovely monument.

When you enter your name and date following instructions on the digital sign next to the polar bear, the board displays your name and the date your photo is taken. It’s super as a memento to show you came to Hokkaido.


8. “Royce’ Chocolate World”

Writer’s Photo

“Royce’ Chocolate World” is also a great place you cannot miss for taking photos. It is located on the 3rd floor of the facility that connects the domestic terminal building and the international terminal building. To start with, let’s take a photo with the popular bear, “Royce’ Pop Choco”. This smiling bear with a salmon in hand is an objet d’art as tall as 2 meter high.

Writer’s Photo

This one here is a monumental chocolate bar in the museum. How about becoming a part of sweeeeeet chocolate, showing your face from the center hole, and taking another memorable shot?


9. Tsuruha Drug

Writer’s Photo

Here is a kimono-clad sign board to complete with your face on top. It is located at the store front of the drug store you find on the way from the domestic terminal to the international terminal. There are so many sign boards like this to put your face out in sightseeing destinations in Japan


10. “Ezo Puzzle”

Writer’s Photo

Do you know what it is? This is a huge wood puzzle known as “Ezo Puzzle”, located in the departure lobby of the international terminal. Ezo Puzzle combines pieces representing animals that live in Hokkaido. If a piece goes missing, it throws the entire picture off balance. It is said that the puzzle carries a message that we hope to coexist with them without losing any species. Since the empty space at the bottom center of the puzzle is for the piece representing humans, please go ahead and take a photo, with you being this piece instead.


The memorable photo spots we introduced this time include locations easy to miss or are surprisingly little known. When we think about an airport, an image of place to merely to get on or off an airplane is predominant. But please consider it as a tourist spot, and take time to explore, and then you can sometimes discover unexpectedly interesting places.

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