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Relaxing Onsen and Accommodation at New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido

This is must-have information for those who use New Chitose Airport early in the morning or late at night! New Chitose Airport is the first airport in Japan to have a hot spring facility within the airport building. This information is for you who would like to refresh after arriving in Hokkaido so that you can start your pleasant trip of Japan! Or this is for those of you who have been thinking it is more convenient to stay overnight at the airport before taking an early morning flight! This time we would like to introduce the New Chitose Airport Hot Springs, other facilities to ease the fatigue from your trip and an airport hotel, directly connected to the airport. They are highly recommended if you are planning to spend long hours at the airport.


New Chitose Airport Onsen (Hot Springs)

Entrance Lobby of New Chitose Airport Hot Springs (Writer’s Photo)

New Chitose Airport Hot Springs is located on the fourth floor of the domestic flight terminal building.

You might wonder about an odd combination of an airport and hot springs. But it is a very convenient facility to know if you use early morning or late night flights, or in case your stay at the airport gets prolonged due to mishaps like bad weather. When you end up staying at the airport for long hours, please head to New Chitose Airport Hot Springs without hesitation! It will surely blow off your fatigue from the trip.

New Chitose Airport Hot Springs consists of four zones; bathing, lodging, healing, and dining. Let’s check in at the front desk to enter the facility. For an adult general use, pay ¥1500 and receive a locker key and a bag of towels and a yukata robe. At this point you can leave your luggage such as a large suitcase at the front desk. Once you are admitted, let’s go to the dressing room. After finding your locker numerically designated on your key, you can change into the bathrobe and take a walk in the facility, or you can also undress and enjoy the hot spring.

1. Hot Spring Facility

For each gender there are a large public bath, open-air bath, a hot sauna and mist sauna. Sodium chloride spa will heal your fatigue from trip, leaving your skin smooth. Excellent amenities include shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial cleanser foam, makeup remover, washcloth towel, toothbrush, razors, and lotion, and you don’t need to worry even when you visit the facility empty handed.

2. Accommodations

There are relaxation rooms at the New Chitose Airport Hot Springs, where you can lay down your body, warmed by spa, and enjoy spending your time fully relaxed. Reclining chairs equipped with a TV line up there and blankets are provided. There is also a relaxation room exclusively for women, so female guests can stay at ease without worrying. After 1 AM, you can extend your stay to 9 AM by paying an additional ¥1500 on top of the adult general use for ¥1500 you’ve already paid. If you would like to spend your time to relax in a private space, taking advantage of twin/double/universal guest rooms is recommended (additional fees apply). There are a total of 11 guest rooms, so please confirm the room availability at the front desk.

3. Healing Facility

The Inside of the Foot Sole Massage Room (Writer’s Photo)

New Chitose Airport Hot Springs is equipped with various wellness menus.  There are four types of bedrock baths you can choose from depending on your purpose, and professional staffs provide body care, whole body treatments, facial and foot massages, and exfoliation by scrubbing. You can spend a pleasant time, freed from travel fatigue and everyday stress.

4. Dining Facility

Right next to the entrance, there is a Japanese style restaurant where you can dine in a tatami floor room. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes you can enjoy, ranging from light meals such as noodles or rice bowls, chef’s special dishes, all the way to the sweets. The restaurant is open until 3 AM so it is convenient for a late-night snack, too.

Image of Breakfast Buffet

In addition, six types of drinks including coffee and tea are provided for free. Furthermore, a delightful service of free breakfast buffet is available if you are staying overnight. Official Website


Staying at a Hotel Directly Connected to the Airport

A Guest Room at Air Terminal Hotel (Writer’s Photo)

The Air Terminal Hotel is directly connected to the airport at New Chitose Airport. The hotel entrance is on the third floor of the domestic flight terminal building, and this hotel is highly recommended for the people who would like to get sufficient sleep for the next day or spend a relaxing time in a private space. The rooms are spacious and clean with excellent amenities. Enjoying a view of parked airplanes right from your window is possible in no other place but a hotel directly connected to the airport. Guests at Airport Terminal Hotel enjoy a free pass at New Chitose Airport Hot Springs, introduced above.

Breakfast Hall at Air Terminal Hotel (Writer’s Photo)

Breakfast at Air Terminal Hotel is buffet style, and you can enjoy a satisfying variety including Japanese and Western dishes, milk, vegetable juices, etc. Breakfast is served between 6:00 AM and 9:30 AM, so you can properly eat a breakfast before your departure even when your flight is early. Planning List


If you visit Hokkaido during the winter and by any chance you are forced to spend long hours in the airport, with your flight schedule changed due to conditions like snow storms, please do take advantage of New Chitose Airport Hot Springs or Air Terminal Hotel we introduced this time. An accident should be totally transformed into happy memories.

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