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6 Recommended Restaurants in New Chitose Airport of Hokkaido

One of the fun parts of traveling to Hokkaido is to enjoy its delicious food including the fresh seafood, milk of cows that grew up relaxingly in nature, harvest of farms such as potatoes and corn, ramen and sweets. You can obviously find many restaurants that offer delicious Hokkaido cuisine during your trip around Hokkaido, but also find them at New Chitose Airport. Now, let’s enjoy the Hokkaido cuisine! Photo:


1. “Hokkaido Ramen Dojo” for Ramen Lovers

Writer’s Photo

Miso Ramen from ramen shop “Keyaki”,

Hokkaido Ramen Dojo located on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building is always crowded with people and it is the area in which popular ramen shops of Hokkaido, the Ramen Kingdom, are all gathered. Everything here looks delicious including the rich-tasting miso ramen, light-flavored salt ramen, luxurious ramen with abundant seafood, unique shrimp soba noodle. Find your favorite ramen!
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2. Conveyor Belt Sushi Bar “Kantaro” for Sushi Lovers


Seafood roll,

For sushi lovers all over the world. If you want to eat sushi at New Chitose Airport, go to “Kantaro” located on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building. It’s a casual conveyor belt sushi bar where you can just stop by to get one dish. In the shop, sushi with fresh toppings pass in front of your eyes one after another. The seafood roll which is gorgeously topped with salmon roes will definitely make the delicious memory of Hokkaido. 


3. “Matsuo Genghis Khan” for Traveling Alone

Writer’s Photo

Genghis Khan Don (Writer’s Photo)

“Matsuo Genghis Khan” is also located in the food court on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building. Here, the Genghis Kan Don is recommended. It is served in a bowl so you can casually order it even when you are dining alone. 

There are also various other restaurants in this food court including the popular Yukijirushi Parlor that sells soft ice cream, Chitose ramen, udon shops, Indian curry shops, Isen that sells a pork-cutlet sandwich, Freshness Burger, so if you travelling as a group or with family, select a restaurant that fits your situation well.

You can see departures and arrivals of airplanes from the food court so many people take a memorial photo with airplanes at the aircraft parking apron as a background.


4. “Restaurant Yukku” For Those Wanting To Have Various Kinds of Rice Bowl Dishes

Writer’s Photo

Writer’s Photo

There are many restaurants at New Chitose Airport where you can enjoy kaisen-don or rice bowl topped with seafood, but if you want to try small portions of a large variety of dishes, “Restaurant Yukku” located on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building is recommended.

“Shirakaba Set Meal”, the most popular dish here, is a luxurious set menu that comes with salmon & salmon roe rice bowl, sea urchin rice bowl, crab rice bowl as well as sashimi, tempura and crab soup stock. Other than set menus the restaurant also offers many a la carte menu that is unique to Hokkaido, so it’s a restaurant that offers local cuisine that’s also recommended to those who want to enjoy a casual drink.


5. “Soup Curry lavi” For People with Fatigue From Travel


Soup curry is one of the staple foods of Hokkaido and you can try it at the “Soup Curry lavi” on the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal building. Soup curry that abundantly uses Hokkaido’s local vegetables is light in taste and has plenty of body. Curry is packed with source of energy so it will surely get rid of the fatigue from your journey.  


6. “MILKISSIMO”, For Dessert After The Meal


“MILKISSIMO” on the 2nd floor of the domestic terminal building offers gelatos made of Hokkaido’s fresh milk and fresh fruits. We especially recommend the red-color haskapp (hascup fruit) gelato. Enjoy it along with the standard milk flavor.  


The shops that are introduced in this article are just a small part of gourmet offered at New Chitose Airport. There are many other restaurants that offer soba noodle, hamburg, pasta made of Hokkaido wheat and Sapporo beer available. If you find a good restaurant, please share your impression of the restaurant with us. 

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