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Snowmiku at New Chitose Airport: Must-Check Out for Hatsune Miku Fans!

Already Famous Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is the product name of the desktop music software launched by Crypton Future Media in 2007 as well as of the character featured for the product. The product is a software application that allows anyone to make the character sing just by inputting songs and melodies. The official statement by Crypton Future Media says the character Hatsune Miku is 16 years old, 158 centimeters tall, weighs 42 kilograms and good at dancing especially in idol and pop styles. The software and the character rapidly became a phenomenon as a lot of creators created music with the software and uploaded them on the internet. The roughly defined character was gradually given a more embodied and specific shape through many of those fan creations uploaded online. Hatsune Miku has now become an enormously popular virtual idol, who now performs live performances as a virtual singer, has tuned into many characters goods and keeps being featured in various genres of cultural products. Photo:


Snowmiku Sky Town

Snowmiku Sky Town on 4F of the Domestic Terminal (Writer’s Photo)

Snowmiku Sky Town, the Hatsune Miku themed shop and museum, is located on the fourth floor of New Chitose Airport’s domestic terminal building. “Snow Miku (Yuki Miku, in Japanese)” is a mascot character of Hokkaido, the idea for which was hinted by a white snow statue of Hatsune Miku created for Sapporo Snow Festival.

Snowmiku Sky Town features a museum space where you can meet a life-size Snow Miku and take a look at various items themed on Snow Miku and her friends on display, a 360 degree movie theater where you can enjoy the magnificent natural sceneries of Hokkaido with Snow Miku, a cafe space providing Snow Miku themed menus as well as a shop offering goods that are only available here.

1. Snow Miku Museum

Writer’s Photo

The museum space will probably be the first place you step in. Here you will be greeted by Snow Miku and her friends.

Writer’s Photo

This is the holographically projected mini concert of Hatsune Miku in 1/14 scale of the life size. It is displayed at such a short distance that it seems you can reach out and touch Miku.

Writer’s Photo

As you take a look around various items on display and walk on… there she is! The life-size Snow Miku, wearing snow crystal patterned gloves and a white muffler, stands like a snow fairy.

2. Hokkaido 360 Degree Panorama Theater


This space allows you to experience dynamic movies with a 360 degree surround screen. You can enjoy 5 titles of movies for a total of about 13 minutes. (Fee applies)

  • Snow Symphony: Snow Miku sings and dances in the 360 degree screen.
  • Winter Stories: Enjoy the magnificent nature and beautifully snow covered sceneries of winter Hokkaido as a panoramic movie.
  • Sceneries of Furano and Biei: The lavender fields of Furano, the “patchwork hill” of Biei and other colorful countryside sceneries dynamically unfold over the screen.
  • Fascinated by the Sky in Tokachi: This movie features views of the balloon festival and fireworks display, boundlessly stretching landscape and other scenic attractions of Tokachi.
  • The Colorful Landscape of Do-to (Eastern Hokkaido): This most recent addition to the movie lineup features the dynamic landscapes from the eastern Hokkaido area, commonly referred to as “Do-to.”


3. Shop & Cafe

The shop provides Snow Miku cookies, ramen noodles, lunch boxes, note pads, mobile phone accessories and various other items themed on Snow Miku. Some of the items are available only at this New Chitose Airport shop, so Hatsune Miku fans should never miss out!

The cafe offers a variety of Snow Miku themed menus. You can also get an original design coaster every time you order one of those Snow Miku items. “Pulpy Strawberry Milk (Tsubutsubu Ichigo Milk),” one of the top recommendations here, can make a nice treat to enjoy during your short break.


ANIMATE New Chitose Airport: Another Great Anime Spot to Check Out

Writer’s Photo

ANIMATE New Chitose Airport, located on the same 4th floor as Snowmiku Sky Town, is packed full of manga books, character goods, figures, anime CDs and DVDs. This is definitely another must-check out spot for anime fans. With a lot of Hatsune Miku themed goods as well as snacks, postcards and many other anime themed items that are exclusively available here, this is a great place to look for nice and interesting souvenirs.

Store Filled with Must-Check Out Items for Anime Fans (Writer’s Photo)

Writer’s Photo

This New Chitose Airport exclusive white cheese cake comes with an adorable postcard!


Snowmiku Sky Town is a great place where you can fully enjoy the world of Hatsune Miku, the idol ever and still on the progress. There can be a whole lot of ways for you to enjoy this fun spot; taking a photo with the life-size Miku, enjoying the magnificent sceneries of Hokkaido with a 360 panorama screen together with Miku, buying the airport exclusive souvenirs for your anime fanatic friends and etc. Make sure to pay a visit!

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