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Hokkaido’s New Chitose Airport: Guide for Travelling Families

New Chitose Airport is the air gateway to Hokkaido Prefecture. While welcoming many tourists every day, it is not actually a mere airport. The airport building is packed full of fun establishments including stores, places to eat, of course, as well as cinema, hot spring and other entertainment and attractions, many of which cannot usually be found at other airports. We are here introducing to you some areas in the New Chitose Airport, which are perfect for families with children and you will surely want to drop by when you ever have a chance to visit Hokkaido. Now let’s get the best experience together with your family out of New Chitose Airport!


Royce’ Chocolate World

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The first establishment you will come across on your way from the 3rd floor of the domestic terminal to the international terminal is Royce’ Chocolate World. It consists of 3 parts; a store, a factory and a museum.

1. Royce’ Shop

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Filled with good-looking chocolates, the store offers very popular ganache and Potatochip Chocolate as well as colorful and adorable animal-shaped chocolates among others.

2. Chocolate Factory


This is the glass-walled factory area, where you can take a look at the manufacturing process of chocolate.

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One after another, the chocolate candies become finished.

3. Chocolate Museum


This museum allows you to learn about the history and the manufacturing process of chocolate. Here you better not miss out on the chance of taking a photo with your head stuck out from the photo-op cardboard themed on a huge bar of chocolate!


Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park

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Go further past Royce’ Chocolate World and proceed in the direction of the international terminal, you will find Doraemon Waku Waku Park. Do you know Doraemon? Doraemon is a very popular manga featuring a robotic cat who has come from the future. He helps his friend Nobita with all kinds of special future tools he takes out from the pocket on his belly. How those future inventions tackle problems and create dramas is truly entertaining for both children and adults alike.

1. Library & Workshop

Writer’s Photo

Writer’s Photo

Here you can read the manga books of Doraemon, which have been translated into many different languages and enjoy crafting and painting Doraemon themed toys at the workshop area. With so many fun things to do and see here, you have to be careful not to miss your flight!

2. Kids Zone

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Kids Zone features toys and equipment which children can freely play around with.

3. Cafe

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Writer’s Photo

The cafe offers a variety of Doraemon themed food items. Especially among them, the Doraemon Taiyaki (pancake with sweet azuki bean jam filling, typically shaped after seabream fish), also available for takeaway, is so cute that you will almost hesitate to eat it.

4. Shop


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The official shop here provides a variety of items including New Chitose Airport-exclusive Doraemon snacks and goods. Dorayaki (another popular variation of pancake with sweet azuki bean filling), which is actually Doraemon’s favorite snack, is the top recommendation here.

5. Park Zone


At Park Zone (admission fee applies), Doraemon and Dorami, with Nobita taking a nap beside them in his room, will greet you with smiles. Here you can enjoy the Doraemon world by riding the Time Machine, experiencing the effect of “Big Light Small Light” and other future tools of Doraemon and with various other attractions that are so much fun for both children and adults that you will easily lose track of the time.


Now do you feel like visiting the airport? From among many must-visit establishments found in New Chitose Airport, including places for shopping and dining, sky-themed museum, cinema and hot spring, we have focused on Royce’ Chocolate World and Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park, both of which are perfect for families.

On the day of your departure from Hokkaido, allow enough spare time when going to the airport and fully enjoy the airport’s attractions together with your family before flying away! But be careful enough not to lose yourself in fun too much and miss your flight!!

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