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Getting a haircut in Japan is not easy for foreigners, since not so many hair stylists can speak English here. Specifically, it is even harder for Americans, Europeans, and Africans to get a good hair cut in Japan, since not so many hair stylists are used to handling non – Asian hair. In my case, it was difficult for me to find hair stylists who could understand what kind of haircut that I wanted, since I am not into the Japanese hair trends.

If you’re facing exactly the same problems as me, or if you found that your hair stylist can’t deal with your non – Asian hair, I suggest you to visit ASSORT TOKYO, a hair salon located 3 minutes walking distance from Gaienmae Station, in Aoyama area. 

tokyo-hair-salon-english2Image Source: ASSORT HONG KONG

ASSORT TOKYO is owned by Ken Kobayashi, a Japanese – American man, who was born in Dallas, Texas. After building his career in the hair styling industry, he opened ASSORT TOKYO in 2011. ASSORT TOKYO is a big success as it is ranked as #1 hair salon in Japan by the Leading Hair Salons Worldwide. ASSORT TOKYO is famous among the international community in Japan, giving the fact that 90% of the customers are non-Japanese, which 40% of the customers are tourists visiting Japan.

Following the success of ASSORT TOKYO, Ken Kobayashi opened his first international branch ASSORT NEW YORK in 2013, and his second domestic branch CLASS AOYAMA in 2014. Later on, he also opened his second and international branches ASSORT HONG KONG in 2015, and VACANCY PROJECT in New York this year. He also just opened a new hair salon in Shibuya called CORRER. Different from ASSORT TOKYO, the services at CLASS AOYAMA and CORRER are only available in Japanese, but the quality is still top notch.

tokyo-hair-salon-english3Image Source: Leading Salons

In addition to offering service in English, ASSORT TOKYO also offers excellent service and top notch quality of cuts, colors, perms, etc. The interior of ASSORT TOKYO is natural and fashionable, offering a very cozy atmosphere that lets you forget about all the busy days that you’ve been dealing with!

I have been to ASSORT TOKYO several times, and they provided really good service with very warm attitude. They also asked me whether I have a specific allergy or not before I got my hair dyed, which means that this hair salon is very aware about the customers’ physical and health condition. If you do not speak fluent Japanese, or if you have the non – Asian hair type, I would recommend you to choose Ken Kobayashi (CEO) or Miki Omura (Stylist) to cut your hair. Ken Kobayashi and Miki Omura have built their careers abroad, so they are well experienced at handling non-Asian hair types. They also speak fluent English, so it will be very easy for you to communicate with them.

tokyo-hair-salon-english4Image Source: Hot Pepper Beauty

The price for the cuts varies, depending on the level of the hair stylists, ranging from 6,480 JPY to 16,200 JPY. The price for hair color ranges from 6,480 JPY to 16,200 JPY, and the price for perms ranges from 7,560 JPY to 15,120 JPY. As you can see, ASSORT TOKYO is not cheap compared to most hair salons, but if you’re looking for English speakers hair stylists and hair stylists who are experience at handling non – Asian hair, ASSORT TOKYO should be on top of your list! Also, find more information about other hair salons in Japan that have English speaker staffs here!

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