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Redhorse Osaka Wheel, Japan’s Tallest Ferris Wheel Now at Osaka Expocity

Osaka Expocity is one of the biggest entertainment complexes in Japan, and a grand Ferris wheel “Redhorse Osaka Wheel” starts operating as a new feature on July 1, 2016! Not only does it boast being the tallest in Japan at 123m, but it also has many special features that you can experience only on the Redhorse Osaka Wheel. So it has already attracted a great deal of attention. Photo:


Extraordinary Impact! A Grand Panoramic View from a Height of 123m!

The most distinct characteristic of the Redhorse Osaka Wheel is its being the tallest in Japan. A grand panorama you’ll get at the height of 123m should capture Osaka City sprawl under you in a dynamic, fascinating way. So you can enjoy the city view in bright sunlight, or glittering neon of the city floating in the night sky. Combined with various scenes and timings, you are likely to get great memories to share with your family, lover, or friends.


Gondolas Are All Transparent

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel is equipped with a total of 72 gondolas, including 2 VIP gondolas. A standard gondola fits up to 6 persons. All the gondolas are constructed with transparent material except for the seats, so you can look at aerial views of Osaka City as if you were enjoying a walk in the sky. The floating sensation you can only get in a Ferris wheel, combined with the sheer absence of closed-in feeling achieved by the transparent gondolas, you wonder what kind of experience you will have at its height in the sky?


Exclusive 2 VIP Gondolas with 4 Person Capacity!

In the exclusive 2 VIP gondolas, the seats and lights are upgraded and they produce a privileged feeling. Because they are only for 4 persons, with room to spare, each person can feel relaxed while enjoying the trip in the sky. It is recommended to create a lasting memory of your special day.


That’s Not All!  The World First Seismic Base Isolation Structure!

Each ride on the Redhorse Osaka Wheel lasts for 18 minutes, and you can enjoy a slow, relaxed time. Furthermore, food and drink are allowed in gondolas, so you can enjoy a snack time while looking at breathtaking views. The gondolas are fully air conditioned, so you can spend time in comfort all year around, and additionally, there is a tablet equipped to view the area broadcasting program, “Expo TV”.

The Redhorse Osaka Wheel is the first Ferris wheel in the world to adopt a seismic isolation structure. It is designed with deep considerations for the users, not only on the entertainment value but also on the safety.


“Redhorse Marumie Plaza”


Preceding the grand opening of the Redhorse Osaka Wheel, the Redhorse Marumie Plaza opened in November, 2015. There you can buy original goods that are available only in Expocity. You can also enjoy original hot dogs that are 123 cm long or sweets, named after the 123m Ferris wheel. There is also a café space where you can rest for a while, so it’s perfect for a short stop before or after riding the Redhorse Osaka Wheel.


By the Way, Speaking of Expocity..


Expocity was completed in November 2015 in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture. It is one of the largest multi-entertainment complexes in Japan, and it is located on the land that hosted “Expoland”. The fundamental concept of Expocity is “combining the joy of playing, learning and finding”. “Lalaport Expocity” is a shopping mall boasting 300 stores, and there are also 8 large entertainment facilities. With all facilities combined, Expocity is one of the biggest entertainment complexes in Japan. These attractive facilities thoroughly entertain the visitors all day long, and you have no time to get bored! Information: Map


The Redhorse Osaka Wheel is not an ordinary traditional Ferris wheel. You can get a 360 degree view, and furthermore, you can even enjoy the scenery under your feet. How many scenic views can you spot from its gondolas?  Please give it a try!

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