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Reopen Event Ongoing at TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER!

“ONE PIECE” is a comic series which was recognized by Guinness World Records as a comic series that was written by a sole person and had the largest circulation in the world. The “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER” opened in March 3rd, 2015 as the first permanent large-scale theme park of this world’s popular series, “One Piece”.


The Beginning of the 2nd Season!

It’s been a year since the opening of the long-awaited “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER”. This year, the Tongari Island’s entrance “Cave of Encounters” has reopened as the “360 degree log theater ~The World of ONE PIECE~” that is a movie theater with an impressive 360 degree panoramic screen, and “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER, The 2nd Season” has started on June 18th, 2016. On the first day of the reopen event, the Straw Hat crews came to celebrate the event which boosted the excitement of the event.



Currently at the “TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER”, various events befitted for the 2nd season are being held to entertain visitors. Among all, the participation type live show “ONE PIECE LIVE ATTRACTION” is receiving the most attention. It features an impressive 2.5D live performance using the same familiar voices of the characters and an attractive live show in which visitors can take part in the story. With contents like this, it’s an event you have to go at least once, if you are a fan.


“#I want such a fruit of yours” Campaign!

Become a follower of the TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER’s official twitter account and tweet on your desired devil fruit with a hashtag “#こんなあなたの実が欲しい (I want such a fruit of yours)”, then you’ll have a chance to get an invitation ticket to the TOKYO ONE PIECE TOWER. There will be 100 tickets distributed in total and the event lasts until June 26th, 2016.


Tongari Island Monthly Sticker Rally

After purchasing the passport for Tongari Island, try completing the missions. Upon completion of all the missions, you will receive a Tongari badge which is not offered for sale.


50% Off! 1 Day Pass for Children

Starting from June 18th until July 31st in 2016, children can purchase a 1 Day Pass ticket at 50% off from the usual price. Don’t miss this chance to get a ticket at a bargain price.


360 degree log theater ~ the World of ONE PIECE ~

The “log” of the adventure of the Straw Hat crews so far will be aired on the 360 degree panoramic screen. Enjoy and indulge in the world of ONE PIECE.


Now Ongoing! Perhona’s Birthday Event!

Celebrate Perhona’s birthday with a limited menu, Perhona’s Sweet Barger. The event will last until June 30th, 2016.


To Be Held! Nami’s Birthday Event!

Starting from July 1st until July 31st, the event celebrating Nami’s birthday will be held. A limited sweet which uses orange to match with Nami’s image also matches with summer perfectly.


Special Exhibition of the Movie “ONE PIECE FILM GOLD”

The special exhibition of the movie “ONE PIECE FILM GOLD” is being held prior to its release on July 23rd, 2016. The exhibition houses the items such as the story reference of the movie so the advanced information available here will definitely make fans who can’t wait until the release of the movie happy.


All attractions are definitely enjoyable for ONE PIECE fans but this facility also includes lots of events that can be enjoyed by those who were not so interested in ONE PIECE. There are original goods that can only be purchased here available as well. Don’t miss anything. Information: Map

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