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“2016 Summer Festival in Sanrio Puroland” Yukata Discount Available!

The Sanrio Puroland is a very popular amusement park where everyone can have a great time from children to adults. This year in 2016 the annual “Summer Festival in Sanrio Puroland” will be held from 7/16 (Sat) to 8/31 (Wed). The Summer Festival Committee is tasked to enliven the festival, and the Gudetama presides over the committee this year, and he is famous for his lack of motivation, lol! But of course popular Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty and My Melody would be there to spice up the summer festival together.

If you visit the park during the “Summer Festival in Sanrio Puroland” wearing yukata or jinbei (both are variations of Japanese summer kimono), there is a special discount! How about wearing a Japanese kimono and enjoying the “Day Festival” and “Night Festival” all the way out? They rock with a wonderful variety of events!


Visit the Puroland in Yukata

Speaking of summer festivals in Japan, people dressed in yukata is a fixture. Even if you don’t know how to wear a traditional kimono properly, there are more and more casual yukata available these days that is easy to wear. You can buy a full set at a reasonable price, too. Thanks to these changes, perhaps, there have been more people who enjoy summer festivals in yukata in recent years compared to the past, including young people.

For men, jinbei is also available to wear. Jinbei is made of a separate top and bottom in kimono-style, and it is much easier to wear and more comfortable to be in. Jinbei is offered in many shops at the beginning of summer, and the price is also affordable.


Puroland Yukata Discount

“Yukata Discount” at the “Summer Festival in Sanrio Puroland” is available from 7/8 (Fri) to 8/31 (Wed) this year, and there are two conditions to be eligible for the discount as follows:

  • Arrive at the Puroland in yukata or jinbei
  • Present the discount coupon for admission[margin_15b]

You can present the discount coupon by showing a printed paper or on your smartphone screen. Please take advantage of two discount coupons shown below. This is a great chance to make your grand “yukata debut” at the Sanrio Puroland, so don’t miss it!


Yukata Discount Coupon – Full Day Ticket


 – Valid Period: 7/8~8/31/2016
 – Fees for Adults & Children: 2,500 yen per person
 – Closing Dates: 7/13, 7/14
 – Notes: For children (3 to 17 years old), the discount applies only on week days. Children under 2 years old are free. One discount ticket covers up to 5 people wearing yukata or jinbei.


Yukata Discount Coupon – Afternoon Ticket


 – Valid Period: 7/8~8/31/2016
 – Fees for Adults & Children: 1,500 yen per person
 – Closing Dates: 7/13, 7/14
 – Notes: Between 7/23 (Sat) and 8/31 (Wed) holiday rates apply, and discount ticket is effective for admissions after 3 PM. One discount ticket covers up to 5 people wearing yukata or jinbei. (Children under 2 years old are free.)


There are many pretty vendor stalls created by Sanrio characters, and there is also “Gudetama Ondo” performance that everyone can participate in and dance together. On the weekends during the “Summer Festival in Sanrio Puroland”, “Yukata Contest”,  “Special Performance Stage”, and many other events will be held and waiting for your arrival. You can take best pictures of this summer without doubt! Information: Official WebsiteMap

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