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5 Shops in Tokyo Where You Can Get Postcards

Many people would want to bring back a postcard as a souvenir commemorating your visit to Japan. Here are five recommended shops for those of you who are at a loss as to where to buy them. There, you can find not only Japanese domestic postcards but also postcards from around the world so why not drop by and find your favorite piece. Top: Writer’s Photo


1. Itoya


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Itoya is a long-established stationery store located in Ginza. This store with a long history that dates back to its foundation in 1904 handles wide varieties of products related to the “things to write” and “things to be written on”, that include not only postcards but also pencils, fountain pens, paints, notebooks and pocket books. From stylish ones to unique ones, there are many types of products available so it’s a perfect store for finding souvenirs regardless of your ages. Information: Map


2. Kyukyodo


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Kyukyodo is a well-established store that specializes in goods for painting and calligraphic work, as well as incenses. Main branches are located in Kyoto and Ginza. Besides the products such as incenses, brushes, paints and washi (Japanese paper), it offers many simple yet stylish Japanese postcards and greeting cards all of which are in good tastes. Information: Map


3. “Watari-um”Watari Museum of Contemporary Art



Watari-um or Watari Museum of Contemporary Art located in Shibuya is a private museum that houses many international contemporary arts. It handles photography collections and art books as well as artistic postcards and art goods.

It is located close to the shopping area so it may be a good idea to drop by between your shopping. Information: Map


4. Tout le monde SHOP

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Tout le monde SHOP is a card specialty store that handles greeting cards from all over the world. Its distinguishing feature is the stylish blue appearance. In the shop, you will find many postcards collected from all over the world displayed neatly. Besides the postcards, it houses cute wrapping materials, miscellaneous goods and others. Make sure not to buy items on impulse. Information: Map




LOFT is a chain that handles household goods such as stationery goods, miscellaneous goods and furniture. It has branches in cities across the country. Its yellow corporate color and logo leave you with strong impression.

Starting with various kinds of postcards, it offers unique stationery goods and products made by craftsmen or designers so you will get excited just by looking around in the store.


Shops we introduced in this article can be enjoyed just by looking around the items so even if you do not have particular items on your mind, you should definitely drop by when you get a chance.

Some of the stationery stores, miscellaneous goods stores, bookstores and art museums offer postcards for sales so it may be a good idea to look into those stores as well.

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