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9 Useful Items for Passing the Japanese Rainy Season Pleasantly

The Japanese summer is well-known for its muggy weather but before summer starts there is the rainy season. It lasts about 1 month (usually in June) and it’s quite an unbearable period because of the large amount of rain and high humidity. The rainy season of Kanto region (that includes 7 prefectures around Tokyo) is especially said to last longer and longer recently. In this article we introduce some useful items for finding fun even in these gloomy days. Photo:


3 Unique Umbrellas

We hear that those of many other countries don’t have or just don’t use  umbrellas because of the particular climate or the everyday practices of their country; like the constant drizzling in England or the practice in the US of using cars most of the time. However, in some areas of Japan, rain suddenly comes down in torrents so it’s advisable to carry an umbrella on days bad weather has been forecasted.

You can buy an insipid plastic umbrella in the 100 yen shops or the convenience stores but how about trying to be striking instead by using these kinds of umbrellas introduced below. They may also be used as a witty present or a room interior item.

1. Asparagus-shaped Umbrella (Asparagasa)


Its size is obviously different from that of a real asparagus but it resembles the vegetable in almost every detail at such a high level that you would mistake it for that. By the way, its brand name “Asparagasa” is a wordplay using the two words “asparagus” and “kasa”. (“Kasa” means umbrella and it becomes “gasa” in compound words.)  

2. Anime Character Umbrella


There are umbrellas illustrated with popular characters’ illustrations typical of Japan such as K-ON! (a popular Japanese manga comic and animation) or Hatsune Miku (a humanoid female singer persona). Those who are crazy about anime can use these items not only on rainy days but at anime-related events, etc. Become the center of attention!  

3. Disney Character Umbrellas for Kids

Writer’s Photo

Disney characters are terribly popular among children around the world! Kids may even want to use these umbrellas on sunny days.


3 Pairs of Waterproof, Non-slip, Fashionable Shoes

Of course everyone hates to wet his/her feet and shoes in the rain, but the sidewalks might be very slippery so watch your step, please! You don’t want to give up fashion? How about wearing these chic boots or pumps on a rainy day? They don’t look like rain boots at all so they are the ideal choices on a morning with a threatening sky or on a day when rain is expected to stop in the evening.  

4. Pumps

Writer’s Photo

They are suitable even for wearing them at work. 

5. Short boots

Writer’s Photo

Its wavy cut looks very fashionable. We tried them on and they felt comfortably loose and easy to walk in.  

6. Long boots

In those regions where it rains a lot you may need knee high boots, but in many cases they simply look like the fashion of elder ladies. But no worries! You can get these kinds of fashionable boots you can see in this picture.   


Protect your favorite bag with chic rain bag covers

On a rainy day you might worry about having spots on your favorite bag. If you have this bag cover it won’t get wet, let you be a on a trip or going to work. These lovely designed colorful covers will give you fun even in bad weather. On a sunny day you could use them as bags for presents or reusable shopping bags.

Furthermore, although they are not released onto the Japanese market yet, there seems to be an even more fashionable item, the so called “handbag raincoat”which is becoming very popular on a global scale.   


2 Portable Dehumidifier Products

Your clothes or shoes are dripping wet because of a sudden rain? No problem, we show you the best items to get them dry. They are small-sized and light weight also, so they are easy to carry. They must be very useful on a business trip or sightseeing trip to Japan during the rainy season.

8. USB-type quick shoe dryer


Your shoes get dry in just 3 hours, amazing!

9. Dehumidifier mat


It doesn’t just dry your clothes but it also helps to get rid of that unpleasant smell of wet clothes, too.


In conclusion

The Japanese rainy season is quite an unbearable period even for us Japanese, but if we think of it ending in just 1 month, at the end we might miss it a bit when it’s gone. Try to enjoy some fun products introduced above and get the best out of this short period before the long hot summer.  

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