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The 6 Ultraman Brothers Now at Tokyo Sky Tree!

When many of the fathers today were small children, Ultraman had already been a long-established TV series and enormously popular among children as a giant transforming hero. Still today, Ultraman is loved as an iconic SFX hero by all generations of fans around the world. Photo:

With half a century past after the beginning of the Ultraman TV series, an event “Tokyo Sky Tree: Ultra Operation NO.634” has been launched to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

At the air corridor of 450 meters above the ground, you will come across human-size figures of the 6 brothers of Ultra, “sky” themed photographs of the scenes from the TV series and the original props, which will allow you to indulge in the world of Ultraman, who freely soars through the sky.

Period: June 10th – July 21st, 2016


1/500 Scale Model Tokyo Sky Tree



Ultraman and Ultra Seven Visited the Event Site on the Opening Day

On June 10th, the opening day of the event, Ultraman and Ultra Seven visited the site to celebrate the event’s opening. And on June 19th, which is father’s day, the Father of Ultra and Ultraman Taro showed up and pleased the fans with a handshake and photography session.


Ultraman Themed Elevator



The 6 Brothers of Ultra

The Tokyo Sky Tree – Ultraman collaboration event features “Ultra Hero Stamp Rally,” where you can get a Tokyo Sky Tree original cleaner by collecting stamps at each of 5 stamp points set up within Tokyo Sky Tree. There is also a quiz event themed on Sky Tree and Ultraman, so give it a try when you visit the event!

Moreover, you can visit the photo service station at Tembo Galleria (sloped observation deck) and get your photograph taken with a special logo and image of Ultraman. Don’t miss out on the precious chance to be on the photo with the Ultra hero together high above in the sky!


Special Union of All Ultra Heroes!

These are all the Ultra heroes from the series with a history of 50 years. Even if you have not been so much into the series, it should be quite a surprise to know that there are so many heroes in the series.


Ultraman Orb Section

There is also a section introducing Ultraman Orb, the latest sequel to the series coming on air from July 9th, 2016 and you can see the image of the new hero. It is surely impressive how long the series has been running and that it still keeps producing new sequels.


Kaiju Cafe

At SKYTREE CAFE in the observation deck, an adorable signboard announces the launching of new “Kaiju Cafe” menus. The cafe is now serving special sweets themed on “Alien Baltan,” “Pigmon” and “Alien Metron,” which are the most popular monsters from the series. Any Ultra series fan must not miss on them!


Limited Items

Original Tokyo Sky Tree collaboration items themed on the 6 Brothers of Ultra are available exclusively at the event site. Every single one of them is of such rarity that all fans of the series would drool over them.


The event has gained such an enormous reputation that its limited figures became sold out in just a short time after the opening and the figure’s reproduction has been decided to be offered starting in late June. It is definitely a must check-out for all Ultraman fans. If you ever happen to be in Japan and planning a visit to Tokyo Sky Tree during the event period, never miss out on this special event!

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