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“Crayon Shin-Chan” 25th Anniversary Exhibition in Kobe

It has been 25 years this April since “Crayon Shin-chan” was born; yes, that Shin-chan you know so well, famous for his very unique movement, proudly presented with his butt. Nowadays he is well known not only among children but also among adults, and it is also one of the most popular Japanese animations internationally.

This year of 2016, the very first “Crayon Shin-chan Exhibition” is scheduled to go around Japan, celebrating the 25th anniversary of his birth.

The exhibition kicked off in the Tobu Department Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo and proceeded to Osaka, achieving great success at both locations. Next “Crayon Shin-chan Exhibition” will be held in Kobe between July 20 and August 1, 2016.


The Nohara Family

“Crayon Shin-chan”, broadcasted at 7:30 PM on Fridays

The exhibition is fun not only for today’s children, but also for parents who enjoyed “Crayon Shin-chan” when they were children themselves and growing up. The whole family can enjoy the exhibition and share the experience together. There are many photo-spots throughout the venue, and you can take pictures of your family with the Nohara Family or other favorite characters of your choice.


Beloved Members of Kasukabe Earth Defense Force

“Crayon Shin-chan” is popular perhaps not simply because Shin-chan’s personality is prominently unique. His uniqueness is exceptionally radiant, but many characters surrounding him also have strong presence; his family, friends, relatives, even acquaintances shine with their own brilliant uniqueness.

The regular TV animation series are of course fun, but movie versions are also blockbusters every year. The strong family tie and love in the Nohara Family or the close friendship between Shin-chan and his friends never fail to touch the audience’s hearts. Many adults go back to Shin-chan’s movies after fully grown up, precisely because these fans would like to relive the deeply emotional experience that impressed them strongly in their childhood.


Hiroshi’s Stinky Socks

<To the guardians> The odor contains chemically prepared fragrance, specifically designed to reproduce the smell of “Hiroshi’s socks”. It is harmless to human bodies, however, please be careful as the smell is intense.

Hiroshi is the breadwinner of the Nohara Family. Hiroshi’s socks are infamous for their strong odor, and they appear quite often in the animation series. In the exhibition, these well-known “Hiroshi’s socks” are scientifically reproduced and displayed for the view. The odor must be overwhelming, as they are displayed in the plastic case. But you can actually smell “Hiroshi’s socks” only at the “Crayon Shin-Chan Exhibition”! When you open the case, be prepared…lol.


Shining Golden Butt

When you think about Shin-chan, many people might remember his famous pose, where he exposes his cute round butt, which is considered to be one of his attractive points. His butt is completely exposed in Japan, but in other countries where the animation is broadcasted, his behind might be covered with underwear in accordance with the local regulations. The contents of this animation are sometimes met with criticism. Despite such minor “localizations” it must endure, Shin-chan is still a powerful character 25 years after his birth, and “Crayon Shin-chan” is still widely loved in many countries around the world.


Crayon Shin-Chan Merchandise, Exclusive Edition

The exhibition shop sells well over 50 character goods, including exclusive collectibles. There are items commemorating the 25th anniversary or smart gadgets you can use in everyday life, and they are rare awards only visitors can obtain.


Both parents and children can enjoy “Crayon Shin-chan Exhibition” together, but please restrain yourself from completely shedding your adult composure, or you might end up embarrassing your children. Information: Official Website , Map

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