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Goin’ Japanesque!

Rare Ones Too! My 57 One Piece Collection!

It’s natural for fans to want to spend all 365 days with their favorite One Piece characters and I’m no different. I’ve secretly been a One Piece fan for the past several years and, when I see a One Piece item in a store, I end up bringing it to the register with me. Here are my spoils of war.



Writer’s Photo

It’s from 2013 but I’ve kept it.


Mug and rice bowl set

A collaboration with PansonWorks (Writer’s Photo)

The perfect size for a little kid.


Limited-edition mugs from Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch

Writer’s Photo

I got these at a One Piece event being held at Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch several years ago. These valuable mugs aren’t sold anymore but they get daily use because of their perfect size.



A monochrome Luffy mug & a mug from a PansonWorks collaboration (Writer’s Photo)

I use these a lot too. Even when I have guests over, I don’t think twice about using these to serve coffee.


Glass and Barrel Cup

Writer’s Photo

The glass was purchased at Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch and the barrel cup was sold aboard the Thousand Sunny. They’re both sized to hold a lot.


Flask & Bento Box and Chopstick Set

Writer’s Photo

A flask and (sold separately) bento box and chopstick set, purchased in Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch’s popular One Piece attraction, Ride Cruise. These get used a lot for picnics. Related: Totoro’s “bento” box


Ice Cream Maker & Thermos

Writer’s Photo

A simple ice cream maker that was a collaboration with KFC and One Piece (left). It’s small so it can only make enough for one person. I’ve used the thermos (right) too much and the art is peeling away.


Paper Plate used at the One Piece Restaurant

Writer’s Photo

I also got these back when the One Piece event at Nagasaki Huis Ten Bosch was happening. It’s kept safely stored away so it won’t get dirty.


Stuffed Toys

Writer’s Photo

The big Chopper is soft and great to cuddle.
I bought the PansonWorks collaboration Luffy doll.
I got the small Chopper, Zoro and Sanji from a UFO catcher (claw crane) game.

Part 1: From Inside a Real Japanese Game Center! Cute Items Edition


Chopperman Blanket

Writer’s Photo

The blanket fits completely inside Chopper’s face when you fold it up so that you can also use it as a small cushion. It’s also convenient for carrying around.


RARE! Limited-edition Stationary

Writer’s Photo

On top starting from the left is the One Piece 10th anniversary clear folder, desk pad and notebook.
On bottom starting from the left is character model sheets that were handed out for a limited time at theatres for the One Piece film, “Film Z”, and 2 pen cases.


Still More! Limited-edition Items

Writer’s Photo

From the left is a limited-edition Kyushu puzzle of the guys, a flyer handed out for a limited time at theatres for the One Piece film, “Film Z”, and One Piece nail stickers.

Don’t Say It’s Too Much, Get a Good Look at Japanese Nail Art Techniques!


Scores of Famous Songs

Writer’s Photo


Messenger Bag

Writer’s Photo

Got this from a UFO catcher. Has enough room for a size A4 notebook.


Collaboration Poster with PansonWorks

Writer’s Photo

Adorned with a special picture frame.


Wanted Posters of the Straw Hat Pirates

Writer’s Photo

Size A3. I don’t want to ruin them so I don’t hang them up.



Writer’s Photo

12 in all.


Luffy Figurine with Sound Effects & Plastic Model of the Thousand Sunny

Writer’s Photo


Super Cool Luffy Figurine

Writer’s Photo

My favorite!


I’ve never lined up my One Piece collection like this before. I live my life surrounded by One Piece more than I thought. And at this rate, I expect it will get bigger too.

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