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Manga Series Gunnm “Battle Angel Alita” to be Released as a Movie

“Alita: Battle Angel” is the manga series we would like to introduce to you here. It has been decided that the series is going to be adapted into a movie by James Cameron, the director renowned for Titanic and Avatar (the production of the new movie scheduled to begin in 2017). We will show you the details and the attractions of this great manga series.



The setting of this manga is the globe in the far future.

The manga depicts the story of Alita, the cyborg girl who has lost her memory, and the revolutionary changes the worlds of Tiphares (Salem in the original anime) and Scrapyard goes through as the story unfolds.




A complete cyborg girl who has lost her memory.

She is the master of the cyborg martial art called “Panzer Kunst” and uses the ability to tackle various troubles.

Daisuke Ido

A cybernetic doctor who examines the health of cyborgs.

While being an affable gentleman with common sense, who is trusted by people in the town, his other persona is that of a bounty hunter.

Desty Nova

A genius scientist who plays a sub-leading role in the series.

He is a true mad scientist who treats every human as his guinea pig.



The world in a far future is separated into the “Floating City Tiphares” for high-class citizens and the Scrapyard inhabited by second-class citizens. The Scrapyard is the world of half-human, half-machine, where its citizens have machines incorporated into part or most of their bodies.

Daisuke Ido one day picks up a cyborg girl named “Alita,” who has lost all her memories. Then Alita, in order to save Daisuke from his predicament, started to fight enemies using her ability of the cyborg martial art, “Panzer Kunst.”

Her battle with enemies will change the relationship between Tiphares and the Scrapyard. And Desty Nova appears to bring an even more decisive impact that is to change the whole world.


Hook of the Manga Series

Succeeding the deformation style of Japanese manga and the bold touch of American comics, the fine touch of the drawing depicts the most meticulous details of the background, which gives a great reality to the world of this manga.

With the setting and story consolidated with the latest scientific knowledge and the references to famous SF novels and various other elements, the manga series proves to be a sophisticated work of SF as a successor to the likes of cyberpunk authors William Gibson, Isaac Asimov and Larry Niven. The manga series has also influenced Underworld, Elysium and other movies made outside Japan.

Each of the supporting characters also plays an important role to add its own great twist to the story. Even Desty Nova, the foremost villain in the series, will lead the readers into asking the meaning of life.


“Whether he or she has a free will or is merely an automatic machine…

Does not depend on the birth or what the body is made of…

But on how he or she has lived!”

– Desty Nova –


Publications in Japan

The series has been translated into 8 different languages outside Japan. The story of the series progresses into the sequel, “Battle Angel Alita: Last Order.” As the story unfolds, reader will see the shocking future world of humans after they escape from the earth, know the secret behind the existence of the floating city and the Scrapyard and finally find out about Alita’s lost past.

And in the latest spin-off, “Gunnm: Mars Chronicle,” the setting of the story now changes to mars.



James Cameron, after deciding not to direct the movie himself, handed over the position to Robert Rodriguez, the director behind Desperado and Spy Kids series. The movie is scheduled to be released in July, 2018.


In Conclusion

Once you delve into the realistic world of “Battle Angel Alita” and witness the stories of Alita and other characters, you will surely understand what has grabbed the heart of James Cameron and why he wanted to turn this manga into a movie. Official Website: Battle Angel Alita

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