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Evangelion & Japanese Swords: Joint Exhibition Going on Right Now

Exhibition Now Running at Iwakuni Art Museum in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Evangelion and Japanese Sword Exhibition, which is gaining a lot of attention from both Evangelion fans and Japanese sword fans, is now running at Iwakuni Art Museum in Yamaguchi Prefecture for the period from May 14th (Sat) until July 10th (Sun), 2016. The exhibition has come to this museum for the first time as part of the exhibition’s 2nd time touring around Japan.

The exhibition was first held from 2012 to 2013, touring around many areas around Japan from as north as Hokkaido to as south as Fukuoka and was closed after enjoying high reputation. The exhibition also visited France and Spain and grabbed the hearts of many Evangelion fans in Europe.

The exhibition is now on its 2nd tour and visiting many areas it has never been to before and has been enthusiastically welcomed by both Evangelion and Japanese sword fans.


Swords Themed on Evangelion Characters

Among the exhibited items is the complete replica of the “Spear of Longinus,” one of the weapons playing an important role in the series, “Progressive Knife” and the “Counter Sword,” which are the weapons used by Evangelions. “The Nagisa Kaworu Sword” and “The Ayanami Rei Sword,” which are based on the imagse of each character, “Natayanagi Naginata Sword,” which was designed by Ikuto Yamashita, the mechanical designer of Evangelion, and various other modern style swords.

Any Evangelion fan visiting the exhibition will surely be greatly excited by looking at these swords reflecting the images of Eva characters. Those great works of craftsmanship by a total of over 50 swordsmiths around Japan are definitely worth a checkout.


A Tall Unit-01 Figure of Roughly 2 Meters Awaiting Your Visit!

Besides the swords, you can also find a mask and a war helmet themed on the arousal of Evangelion Unit – 01 as well as a diorama representing the scenes from the movie “Rebuild of Evangalion” at the section exhibiting the figures created in collaboration with Kaiyodo, Japan’s most famous figure manufacturer. The exhibition allows you to enjoy Evangelion in battle scenes from a different perspective than in animation.

The “Spear of Longinus,” which is by far the most popular exhibit among others, is 332 cm in length and 22.2 kg in weight and would be really difficult to handle. But the figure of the Unit – 01 being about 2 meters tall would perhaps easily handle the weapon at will!


Don’t Miss Out on the Eva Shop!

At the Eva shop, which is part of the exhibition, real-size figures of Rei and Asuka will greet you with smiles. The shop offers various Eva goods including limited items available only at the exhibition. On weekends and public holidays, the shop hosts a special event where a swordsmith will inscribe your name or the words you like on the memorial plate for you, which always attracts many people.


The exhibition also provides an audio guide player, which will introduce you around the exhibition in the voice of Misato Katsuragi (rental fee applies) to enhance your mood. The exhibition is well worth a visit not to mention for Evangalion fans but even simply as an exhibition of beautiful and valuable Japanese swords and other pieces of art. Visit the exhibition and experience the excitement and fun which you can only feel at the venue. Information: Map

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