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Comfy Restaurants in Kyoto that are Tourist Friendly!

There are many Izakaya style pubs and bars in Kyoto but they may not necessarily be such easy places for tourists to casually pop into, or dishes they offer may not suit your taste. So here we would like to share with you our special secret izakaya and pubs that are both friendly to non-Japanese guests and reasonably priced. Photo:


Jukai – Fuchomae Branch


Community-based Izakaya Serving Dishes that are Amazingly Cheap Yet Prepared with Greatest Care
Location: Chukyo-ku   Closing Days: Sundays   Features: #Izakaya #Cheap #Local



The first place we would like to introduce to you is Jukai Fuchomae Branch, It is an izakaya which has a strong community feel and offers dishes at one of the cheapest prices in Kyoto.

The menu here includes oden (fish cake, vegetables and various other ingredients simmered in soy sauce-flavored broth soup), with each piece offered at 100 Yen, and other items priced around 200 and 300 Yen. So you can get full with these cheap foods and beer for only about 2,000 Yen at this budget friendly izakaya. You may feel a little hesitant about going in at first when you see many of those middle-aged men from the neighborhood, but once you are seated, you will be relieved to hear the friendly female manager ask your order in her cute English accent.

The menu is hand-written on paper slips all over the wall besides those on the menu book. But unfortunately they are all in Japanese. So what you can do is to point at whichever you want to try from oden items you can find near the counter and tell the master.

Both the female and male masters here are very kind to non-Japanese tourists, so you don’t need to hesitate to ask their recommendations and tell them the kind of food you want to eat. You can also order whatever customers sitting next to you have ordered and looks nice. Some of those frequenters here will also friendly offer you a bite or two from their dishes.

Access: Walk along the Marutacho Dori Avenue 200 meters westward and you will see the izakaya on your right in the direction of Doshisha University and Kyoto Prefectural Hall. Map


Post Coitus

Hideaway for Adults in a Minimalistic Space Yet Authentic Bar with Rich Collection of Whiskey
Location: Sakyo-ku   Closing Days: Sundays   Features: #Bar #Calm #Relaxing #SingleMalt



Located pretty close to Kyoto University, you can feel a somewhat academic atmosphere in the air at this bar with a history of about 30 years. The nice atmosphere of the space with minimum things, along with relaxing Jazz music, will make you linger here. Behind the counter are numerous bottles of liquor. They especially boast a good collection of bourbon and scotch.

The manager is a middle-aged gentleman with perfect bartending skills. You can just roughly tell him your preferences in taste and flavor and he will offer the best cocktail or malt whiskey that matches your taste. The bar also gives you a great opportunity to try tasting many kinds of single malt whiskey that you cannot find at many other bars. Most of the drinks here is priced 1,000 or less, so the numbers on the bill would rarely shock you when checking out.

As this bar is often visited by international students studying at Kyoto University, you should not have  trouble placing orders in English. This is a great place to visit alone and casually enjoy intelligent and mature atmosphere specific to a bar located near a university.

As this bar is often visited by international students studying at Kyoto University, you should not have trouble placing orders in English. This is a great place to visit alone and casually enjoy intelligent and mature atmosphere specific to a bar located near a university.

Access: Walk 50 meters north from the Hyakumanben intersection and turn right at the next intersection after passing Lawson. It’s on the 1st floor of the 3rd building on your left. Map




The Best Place for Fish! Fresh Seafood Cuisines Offered at Very Cheap Prices
Location: Sakyo-ku   Closing Days: Sundays   Features: #Izakaya #Cheap #Delicious #Seafood #Relaxing



This is a long established izakaya in Kyoto, best known for serving delicious fish dishes. You can find an increasing number of restaurants and pubs serving fish dishes in such areas as Kawara-machi, Kiya-machi and Ponto-cho lately, but not all of them serve fresh dishes or have skilled chefs.

If you are looking for really delicious yet budget-friendly fish dishes, this is the perfect place for you. They provide only carefully selected quality fresh fishes directly delivered from Wakasa Bay of the Japan Sea.

Not to mention exquisite sashimi, boiled fish here has a sophisticated flavor, which well showcases the skill of the chef. This is a great place even for those who are not much into fish because they also offer delicious oden, rolled cabbage and various other dishes prepared with great care.

Enjoying barrel-brewed sake in a masu (wooden square cup) is an authentic way to start your supper at Japanese izakayas. Sake offered here is the one of authentic quality from the izakaya’s contract brewery in Fushimi. It has a rich aroma and is refreshing on the throat. It can be paired perfectly with fish dishes.

Access: Walk 200 meters northward along the Kawabata Dori Avenue from Sanjo Station of Keihan Train or walk eastward from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station of the subway, turn north at the end of the street and walk 100 meters northward along the Kawabata Dori Avenue. Map

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