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Smart Ways to Spend Your Time at and around Osaka Station

How would you spend your time on the day you arrive at your sightseeing destination in Japan? While you may naturally be a little tired and not ready for any long side-trip, you may still have some spare time before checking in at your hotel or don’t really feel like heading straight to the hotel and taking a rest. Are there times you wonder; “Where can I enjoy strolling around without spending much money?”

That’s the situation we often tend to experience at Osaka Station and its vicinity. Osaka Station is surrounded with many hotels, stores and restaurants but not much else. If you are not really up for shopping, it is a difficult place to spend time. Especially, parents who are with small children want to go someplace entertaining for their children tend to be at a loss not knowing where to go.

So here we are introducing to you some perfect spots where you can enjoy strolling around with your children without spending a lot of money.


Toy Toy Park

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Children can play around freely here at this space of about 90 square meters. It has train and railway models, blocks and many other toys enough to cater to about 70 children. Children can also enjoy watching JR express trains and rapid trains thorough the large windows at every few minute intervals. Kids playing here will all get excited every time they see a train come and go.

The space is filled with such a nice free atmosphere and no strict rules will restrict children’s play. So parents can sit back and watch their children having fun. Some other kid’s spaces in Japan can tend to be more rule-ridden. You can also buy and have drinks here.

It is located on the 3rd floor of a somewhat old building accessible in a 15 to 20 minute walk from Osaka Station, or 4 minute walk from Fukushima Station. It would especially be a great fun place for boys. Information: Map


Tomica & Plarail Shop

This Tomica Shop is located on the 13th floor of Daimaru Department Store, which is directly connected to Osaka Station. The toy store deals with high quality toy trains and toy cars, which are very popular in Japan.

The store has many exhibitions of toys and spaces where children can get their hands on toys and play with them. Enormous collection of toys here will get children excited even just by looking at them. Each toy costs only about a few hundred yen and can make a great souvenir. Information: Map

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The store is also adjacent to the Pokemon Center, which will definitely satisfy any small fans of Pokemon.




You can enjoy Takoyaki (octopus dumpling), one of the specialties of Osaka, here at this shop. What is special about this shop is that you can grill takoyaki yourself.

Most of the takoyaki shops in Osaka serve pre-grilled takoyaki. But many people in Osaka also enjoy cooking takoyaki at their homes and enjoy takoyaki parties. Not only eating but also making is an important part of this Japanese food culture, so make sure to try your hands at it! You don’t need to worry about screwing up your takoyaki because shop clerks will help you if you are having difficulty.

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The large plastic octopus over the shop entrance will make a great opportunity to take a photo in memory of your visit to Osaka. Located on the 2nd basement floor of Marubiru, the building behind Hilton Osaka, the shop is very easy to find. Information: Map


Now, whenever you want to make the best of your spare time around Osaka Station and give some fun time for your children to spend, remember the 3 spots we have introduced above. It will surely add another great memory to your trip to Japan.

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