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Sailor Moon Items that can Be Used in Daily Life

The famous anime “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” known for the phrase “Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo! (In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!)” was a big hit in Japan in 1990. It has since aired overseas. You must surely know that it is now being aired as a remake version “Sailor Moon Crystal”. In the third season that aired starting in 2016, the series features the particularly popular characters Haruka Tenoh as Sailor Uranus and Michiru Kaioh as Sailor Neptune.


Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune

Photographed from the television screen

There were many fans that were attracted to the duo’s mysterious air and intimate relationship and thus anticipated the 3rd season of the series. Merchandise featuring these two is also very popular.

Sailor Moon merchandise are not limited to those of these two characters and they are all very popular. However, today we would like to introduce a few items that feature Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune in particular.


The “Lip Rod” that appear in Transformation Scenes are Used as Part of the Design

Photographed from the television screen

Photographed from the television screen

The writer’s Sailor Moon Collection

The writer’s Sailor Moon Collection

The transformation tool “lip rod” that the two use to transform is used as a design for chap-stick. The inside of the box has illustrations of Uranus and Neptune and so it can be displayed even after using the chap-stick.

The writer’s Sailor Moon Collection

The writer’s Sailor Moon Collection

Similarly, this is another item designed based on the transformation item, “lip rod”. When extended, it can be used as a pointer, and if you remove the part off the tip, it can be used as a pen. The box also has a special design which makes it a nice item to have on display.

The writer’s Sailor Moon Collection

This item that was sold as a strap is a cute design with Uranus and Neptune seated on the lip rod. The price is inexpensive at 500 yen a piece, but each one is crafted with detail.


Even the Capsule Toy is High Quality

The writer’s Sailor Moon Collection

This item that appeared as a capsule toy shows Uranus and Neptune with weapons in their hands. It is perfect for carrying around. You can feel like you always have Uranus or Neptune by your side.

The writer’s Sailor Moon Collection

This was also sold as a capsule toy and is actually for use as an earphone charm. It is a cute design that looks almost like an earring when attached to the ear piece. It is, however, difficult to secure it on to the earphone so many people wear it as earrings in order not to lose it.


They Remain Your Idol No Matter How Old You Become

Those who have watched Sailor Moon in their childhood have mostly grown into adults by now. Perhaps for this reason, items that feature Sailor Moon are often designed so that it is suitable for use even by adults. Many of the items are designed to be used in everyday life. Those of us who have idolized these warriors in youth still long to use the items and want to be like the warriors. Actually, the items that I introduced today are part of my own Sailor Moon collection. I hope to show you more when I get the chance.

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