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4 Japanese Craft Beers You Should Try When You are in Japan

The most well-known alcohol beverage in Japan is sake. Following the recent boom of sake, craft beer is now gaining great popularity. Most widely available in Japan before were craft beers imported from US, Germany, Belgium and other countries, but more bars and bistros in Japan are serving Japan-made craft beers these days. Here we are introducing to you 4 Japanese craft beers which you can enjoy in hot summer. 


1. Baird Beer

This aromatic beer can be a perfect partner for all kinds of dishes.


A brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture is producing this craft beer in a well-preserved traditional method. All Baird Bees is crafted with a natural fermentation process and have a very specific rich aroma. The brewer of Baird Beer also manages the pub chain, “Baird Taproom”; two branches in Tokyo, two in Shizuoka and one in Kanagawa. Each branch offers dishes each of its unique style, so it’s recommended to check different branches of them whenever you can. Website


2. Yona Yona Ale

You can casually enjoy this beer that’s easy to drink and has a fruity aroma.


Yona Yona Ale was developed inspired by an overseas ale beer. Yona Yona Beer features a fruity citrus aroma nicely balanced with the malt flavor and the bitterness of hop. As it is also available in cans, you can get it easily at your nearest supermarket and convenience store. In Tokyo, there are 4 branches of Yona Yona Beer Works, the pub chain serving Yona Yona Beer along with various dishes. Make sure to visit one of them. Website



This beer has won championships at multiple competitions. It brings the best out of the ingredients sourced locally in Japan.


This beer is brewed locally in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. Kawagoe is a city with many old buildings from the Edo Period (17th – 19th century) still remaining today and also referred to by the nickname of “Koedo (little Edo).” Especially among them, the old clock tower named “Toki No Kane (Bell of Time)” is the most famous historical symbol of the city. The city is also known for many Japanese traditional festivals featuring such events as “Shuyu (river boat tour)” and “Kagura (ritualistic dance of the Shinto religion).”

5 styles of “Coedo Beer” are among the specialties from the city. Each of the 5 styles of beer has won a championship at different beer competitions. Especially notable among them is “Beniaka.” It is the world’s first beer made of sweet potato and is characterized by its rich and sweet flavor coming from the ingredient sweet potato. They are available not only at stores around Tokyo but also at online stores. Give them a try and enjoy the unique taste of each of the 5 varieties. Website



This beer by Kiuchi Brewery is the creation of the harmony between Japan and the West.


Hitachino Nest Beer is the brand of beer brewed locally in Ibaraki Prefecture. Kiuchi Brewery has so far produced 18 kinds of beer. They have won championships at contests both within and outside Japan. What makes these beers special is the combination of carefully selected ingredients; pure spring water from Japan, malt from Belgium and hop from UK. Our top recommendation is “Japanese Classic Ale,” which is brewed in an oke (wooden tub), which is used for making sake. In Tokyo and Ibaraki, there are also restaurants where you can enjoy dishes with Hitachino Nest Beer. Do visit either of them and indulge in fine beer and cuisines. Website


Have any of the beers above caught your attention? You can also find various other craft beers in Japan, so make sure to check them out.

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