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Sanada Yukimura is Trending: 8 Sightseeing Spots of Shinshu Ueda (Nagano)

We believe you got a good understanding of Sanada Yukimura from part 1 of this 2-part article, so in this article, we bring you the sightseeing highlights of Shinshu Ueda, where Sanada Yukimura is from. Once you read this article, you should get the information you need such as not-to-be missed sightseeing spots and other points to remember.


1. The Sanada Main Castle Site


The Beautiful View Sanada Yukimura Also Saw from the Hill,

The Sanada Main Castle site was the main residence of the Sanada family before the building of the Ueda Castle. 3 generations of the Sanada family had lived here. Do check out the view of the entire city of Ueda from the mountaintop.


2. Inside the Ueda Castle Park

Ueda Castle

The Ueda Castle is located inside Ueda Castle Park. The Ueda Castle is a major sightseeing spot of Shinshu Ueda and the castle where Sanada Yukimura resided. It’s a pity that there is no castle tower, but that is also a characteristic of this castle. It is known to be an impregnable castle that fought off many attacks.

Around the time when the annual Senbonzakura Matsuri (Festival of 1,000 Cherry Trees) is held, many people gather from around the country and gaze in awe at the amazing cherry blossoms that fill the castle grounds.

Sanada Jinja Shrine

Within the Ueda Castle Park, there is also the Sanada Jinja. The grandeur of the building that lets you get a sense of history; it’s a must see.

Sanada Tea House

If you get hungry at the Ueda Castle Park, we recommend a light snack at the Sanada Tea House.


3. Chokokuji Temple


Once you go further back within the Chokokuji Temple grounds, there is a grave where the 3 individuals – Sanada Yukimura’s grandparents and father – rest. In front of the grave are coins left by people who have come to pray. Those of you who have read part 1 are sure to notice, yes, this signifies the rokomonsen, which is the family crest of Sanada Yukimura.


4. Ikushima Tarushima Jinja Shrine



The vermillion colored vivid atmosphere is distinctive at the Ikushima Tarushima Jinja shrine. It is said to be auspicious for happy marriages and safety in childbirth. It is a perfect destination for couples. It is known as one of the oldest shrines in Shinshu and there are many historical documents available for view.


5. Anrakuji Temple: The Only Wooden Octagonal Three Story Pagoda in Japan



This tower is the only existing wooden octagonal three story pagoda in Japan and it is recognized as a national treasure. Since it is one of its kind in Japan, it sure is a must see. Those of you who know a lot about Japan may have already felt the likeness of this place to Kamakura, so much so that the area is called the Kamakura of Shinshu.


6. Bessho Onsen: The Oldest Hot Springs in Shinshu



The Bessho Onsen is a collective name for the 7 hot springs that are located in various parts of the city and consist of sotoyu (hot springs without overnight accommodation) and foot baths. The sotoyu in particular is a hassle-free 150 yen to enter; it is a beloved place where local residents have gathered since the old days. We recommend you make a round of these hot springs.


7. The Famous Shinshu Soba Noodles


Soba noodles are one thing we want you to try if you get hungry. Nagano Prefecture is so famous for its soba noodles, that there is even soba that is named Shinshu Soba. But just remember, because the area is famous for soba, if you get the large portion, you get a mountain of soba.

Recommended restaurants for Shinshu Soba: Kusabue, Senbonzakura, Katanaya


8. Hanaya Ryokan Inn: Sanada’s Secret Hot Springs


The Hanada Ryokan, an inn with 100 years of history since its founding, is a very famous inn in Shinshu Ueda. You can see the skills of the miyadaiku (carpenters specializing in construction of temples, shrines, etc) in the details of the ceiling artwork, transom and pillars. It is a Japanese style room that also conveys extravagance.

Also, the one thing we really want you to remember is the connecting corridor. The Hanaya Ryokan is made up of various buildings within the vast premise of 6,500 tsubo (about 21487.6 square meters). Enjoy a nice stroll in the serene atmosphere, while gazing at the courtyard.


So we went through Sanada Yukimura, sightseeing spots, places to eat and places to stay- the whole ordeal in the 2 part story. So now, you should have no troubles if you visit Shinshu Ueda, which is getting a lot of buzz from Sanada Yukimura. If you are ever thinking of going, the time would be now, when it’s right on trend!

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