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Popular Fashion of Twinning Often Seen in Shibuya or Harajuku

Lately if you walk around the cities of Tokyo, you will see young people dressed in the exact same outfit. It is a style that is popular in Japan right now called “futago co-de” or twinning. Today, we will explain why this kind of phenomena is occurring as well as the Japanese culture that supports it. Ref: Photo


The Relation Between Twinning and Japanese Culture

First of all, we define futago co-de  (literally twin coordinate) as close friends going out dressed in the same outfit. It is not relevant whether the individuals are actual twins. In the past, this type of fashion was called “pair look”, “osoroi (matching)”, “osoro (short for osoroi)”. Nowadays, the term is modernized to futago co-de. It is a trend to dress up in futago co-de on any ordinary day and go out. It does not have to be Halloween or a large scale cosplay event or festival.

This futago co-de may seem a little strange for someone from overseas. Why do they go out of their way to dress exactly the same? The reason may perhaps be related to Japanese culture. Japanese students traditionally wear uniforms that are specified by the school. There is no reservation for people dressing identically, rather the Japanese may even feel comfortable by people wearing or putting on the same things.

Additionally, there are some workplaces that require workers to dress in the same uniform. An easy example would be at a Japanese bank, the tellers often wear the same outfit. The reason for having a consistent dress code in the workplace is symbolic of unifying the mind toward a common goal. This seems to be a very Japanese reason.


Complete Twin Outfit


The futago co-de that first became popular involved dressing in clothes of the exact same shape and color. It is the complete twin outfit. This style is still often seen at places like Tokyo Disneyland.


Twin Outfits that are Intentionally Off

Mako × Mina,

What’s popular now is the futago co-de that involves wearing the same style outfit in different colors. When you see them walking side by side in Shibuya or Harajuku, the contrasting colors look very fashionable.


Gaining Popularity on Instagram – Rinka and Anna


The twins that are gaining popularity right now are Rinka and Anna. The pictures of the two identical twin girls dressing in futago co-de is very cute and gets a lot of buzz on Instagram. Currently, as of May 2016, they have over 380,000 followers on Instagram.

The black framed glasses and straight across bangs make a big impression; so cute.


They are so popular that their first photo book “Twin Girls” was released December of last year. The number of followers they had at the time was about 100,000 so you see how they really rose to fame. We can feel they are going to have an even bigger break in the near future.


During your visit to Japan, if you’re wondering why people are dressed identically, please think of this article. It is the futago co-de that is popular in Japan right now!

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