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Tokyu Stay Ginza: Perfect Hotel for Long-Term Visitors in Tokyo

The 17th branch of Tokyu Stay opened in Ginza, Tokyo, in March, 2016. Let us introduce you to various great features of this hotel, which are perfect for visitors from outside Japan. The hotel will surely serve as an excellent base for sightseeing in Tokyo.


Tokyu Stay Ginza

Tokyu Stay Ginza is a hotel set in a 15 story building, built across from Kabukiza Tower. Located very close to Ginza Station (exit A7) and Higashi Ginza Station (exit A2), it is easily accessible from either Haneda Airport or Narita Airport. The location serves as a perfect base for sightseeing and shopping in Tokyo.

The hotels managed by Tokyu Stay Service are best characterized by its intermediary form of business between business hotel and weekly mansion. This new branch in Ginza is no exception and stands out for its convenience from many other newly constructed accommodation facilities in Ginza. Below are the main features of the hotel. Information: Map


Great Benefits for Long-Term Stay

1. Choose Your Best Room Type from Many Options

You can choose the floor, room location on the floor and other options with one of the auto check-in machines at the front lobby. The rooms on the higher floors, for example, will be a great choice if you are using the hotel for a date or other special occasions. The cardkey system provides good security and an extra peace of mind.

2. Great Supplies of Amenity Goods You Can Choose for Yourself

About 30 kinds of amenity goods are available beside the auto check-in machine, from which you can take what you want. You can get delicious tea and other supplies here as well.

3. No Language Barrier

The hotel provides customer support in 5 languages (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese) 24/7. You won’t be troubled anymore with communication issues as often is the case with many Japanese commercial facilities.

4. Furnished with Washing-Drying Machine, Mini Kitchen and Microwave!

To meet the needs of long-term stay, all rooms are equipped with a microwave oven and most of them with a washing-drying machine. So you can stay in Japan for a good length of time without carrying a large luggage full of clothes and other items.

The high grade rooms of this hotel are also furnished with a mini kitchen and come with basic cooking utensils and dishes, which perfectly suites the needs of long stay.

5. Large Room and Bed Unlike Many Other Japanese Hotels

191 rooms in 5 types available here are all comfortably spacious enough to meet the requirement of many non-Japanese users. Soft and comfortable beds are also larger in size than many of those beds you find at standard Japanese hotels.

6. Authentic Japanese Dishes for Your Breakfast

The in-house restaurant, THE STAY GOLD GINZA, offers Japanese dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients. Of course, Western style dishes are also available.

7. Other Facilities and Equipment

  • Large Bathroom and Toilet with Washlet
  • Free Wi-Fi and Internet Access
  • Air Cleaner-Humidifier
  • Trouser Presser
  • Large LCD TV
  • TV Program (CNN)
  • Deodorizing Spray


Let’s Sum it Up: Who is Tokyu Stay Ginza Perfect for?

Tokyu Stay Ginza, complete with a mini kitchen and a washing machine just like your home, is a perfect hotel for non-Japanese tourists planning to stay for the long-term. It is even more perfect for families with some extra budget. Lately, renting private properties cheaply via Airbnb has become very common but if your priority is on comfort and service quality rather than cost, Tokyu Stay Ginza is a great option for you.

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