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7 Super Cool & Versatile Ninja Tools!

We’re back with another great Ninja episode! Last time, we showed you some cool ninja weapons. Today, we are going to take a look at ninja tools! They are exactly the kind of things you imagine ninja should be using.


1. Mizugumo (Water Walking Shoes)



Ninjas would use this famous footwear when they cross moats or ponds to get to a castle. It generally has a wooden clog in the center with 4 wooden floating panels around it. The reason it is made up from separate parts is so that it can be folded into a compact size to carry.

It has been proved, though, that it actually cannot keep a man afloat over the water. It is today considered to have been used only in swamps or like a swimming float with the lower half of the user’s body immersed in water.


2. Needle

Ninjas used magnetized needles for many purposes. It was used to make a compass by placing it over a floating leaf or hanging it with a string in the air. This versatile item was also used for such various other purposes such as sewing things, stubbing enemies and making a poisoned blow dart.


3. Kaginawa (Grappling Hook)



Kaginawa is a rope with a hook attached to the end. It is thrown afar to hook on to something and used as an anchor to climb smooth walls or cross valleys without bridges. It was also useful to tie up an enemy and also made a good weapon just by swinging.


4. Hyoryogan (Preserved Food)


Hyoryogan is portable preserved food for ninjas. Various ingredients such as rice, millet flour, pickled plum, honey, sake and sesame oil are ground into a paste and shaped into small dumplings. It was highly valued by ninjas for its nutritiousness and preservability.


5. Shikoro (Saw)


Shikoro is an oval shaped saw. It looks similar to kunai, a ninja weapon like a throwing knife, but has jagged edges on both sides of the blade and is more suitable for cutting wood, bamboo and steel. It can even cut a hole large enough for a man to go through on a tightly shut door.


6. Do no Hi (Portable Body Warmer)



Do No Hi was used as a portable body warmer (Kairo). A copper tube with charcoaled paper or plant inside that can be burned when cold to be kept inside the breast pocket. Once burned, it gradually warms up and the heat lasts for about half to a whole day. This duration was impressively long compared to the standard at the time. Even ninjas could not beat severely cold weather so this was one of their must-items.


7. Goshikimai (Colored Rice Grains)



Goshikimai is rice grains colored in red, blue, yellow, black and purple. It was not meant as food but used to send encrypted messages to fellow ninjas. “Warning! Enemy Ahead!,” “Wait for Another Instruction!”; Ninjas provided all kinds of important reports and instructions to each other by placing the colored grains in certain orders. The colors also worked as a preventive method to keep birds and other small animals from eating the grains. This impressively showcases how brilliant ideas ninjas could come up with.


Ninjas were so clever and turned even grains of rice into a useful tool. The world of ninja manga like Naruto is full of unbelievable abilities and ideas, but the cleverness of real ninjas in developing such varied and useful tools from common items is surely impressive too. You can imagine how influential they could have been back at the time. By the way, what do you think you would create if you were a ninja?

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