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4 Best Scenic Tea Plantations: Healthy Matcha and other Japanese Green Tea

Right now, from around late April until early May, is the picking season for early green tea leaves in Japan. Japanese green tea has extended its high reputation outside Japan and is continuously attracting new fans. Here we are introducing 4 best scenic green tea plantations, where the everyday indulgence for Japanese people is produced. These spots are the birthplaces of matcha, which is an indispensable complement to Japanese traditional confections and also makes the seasoning ingredient for Kit Kat Matcha and other matcha flavored sweets from Japan.


Big 3 Producers of Japanese Green Tea

Shizuoka, Uji (Kyoto Pref.) and Sayama (Saitama Pref.) are the big 3 producers of Japanese green tea. Green tea from Shizuoka and Uji is especially well known nationwide. Shizuoka is Japan’s largest green tea producer and Uji is almost synonymous with Matcha green tea. Check out below the most famous producing spots in these prefectures. Related: 3 Japanese Green Teas: Learn the Types + Some Tips


1. Makinohara Plateau (Shizuoka Green Tea)



The word “green tea” easily reminds most Japanese of Shizuoka Prefecture. Among other places here in Japan’s largest green tea producing prefecture, the area around Makinohara Plateau stands out for its volume of shipment to all around the nation. The rows of roundish green tea bushes neatly lined up like baumkuchen amidst the vast field make a wonderful scenery.


2. Imamiya (Shizuoka Green Tea)



Imamiya is renowned as one of the most scenic venues among many other green tea plantations around Japan. The fame is due to the stunning scenery with Mt. Fuji, now a registered world heritage, in the background. The rows of green tea bushes arranged lengthwise and crosswise create dynamic patterns in the impressive grandeur of nature and the scent of green tea also enhances the bracing atmosphere of this area overlooking magnificent Mt. Fuji. Related: 7 Beautiful Faces of Mount Fuji


3. Ujitawara-cho (Uji Green Tea)



Uji Green Tea, or Uji Cha, is a high quality brand of Japanese green tea with rich aroma. Ujitawara-cho is a town with a long history and said to be the birthplace of Japanese green tea. With many green tea shops lining up along the streets, you can enjoy the taste and scent of tea everywhere in this town. The curving lines of the terrace fields, greenery and the blue sky here make very picturesque scenery.


4. Wazuka-cho (Uji Green Tea)



Wazuka-cho is a representative Uji green tea producing area in Kyoto. The production method here has long been succeeded over generations since around 12th to 14th century. The view of green tea bushes arranged neatly along the gently sloping hillside reminds you of a downy carpet or, more artistically, the inside of a Colosseum. The scenery is so extraordinary to look at that you will almost lose the sense of time.


Nowadays, many people from within Japan and abroad visit the green tea plantations to enjoy the scenery and learn about the production method. You will surely be able to admire the taste of green tea all the more after you actually visit the site of production.

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