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Do You Know Neko Atsume? It’s the Globally Popular Kitty Collector Game!

So far, Japan has produced very popular cat characters like Hello Kitty and Doraemon. So I’m sure you’ve already heard of the next boom of cat characters coming from Japan, right? So what is this cat app that’s become explosively popular, so much so that the story was even picked up by CNN?


What is Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector?

It’s a hugely popular app that has reached over 13 million downloads thus far. With roughly 30-40% of users from outside of Japan, it’s catching on in popularity not just in Japan but all over the world. The rules are very simple: look at and enjoy all the cats that have gathered in your room and garden. Unlike other games, there are no winners or losers. It’s a passive-play game that you can enjoy for a long time even without spending any money.


Neko Atsume Pointers and Forms of Fun

You have to carefully place food and cat toys in order to attract many kinds of cats. This isn’t a cat training game but rather a game where you leave things alone and just watch, meaning another good thing about it is it doesn’t take much time. And the most exciting part isn’t when you’re playing but when you first launch the app. It’s so hard to resist checking on the area you’ve set up to see which cats you’ve attracted. Plus, it’s therapeutic.


Neko Atsume Basics

1. Neko Notebook

The cats that visit you are saved as data in your Neko album and display details like personality, fighting strength (? lol) and how many times they’ve visited. There’s also the enjoyment of attracting over 50 kinds of cats so completing it feels similar to completing your Pokedex.

2. Take Pictures

You can also take photos of the cats you get. Save moments of them playing or doing something interesting and then look at them later to improve your mood! It’s also fun to try and capture the best shot.

3. Shopping

The most important feature is the shopping function. You have to buy food and toys to attract the cats. Fish are what’s used as currency within Neko Atsume and the cats that visit you will leave them for you, which you can then use to buy new items. The traditional Japanese kotatsu (heated table) is a natural cat favorite so try to create a good environment for gathering cats using items like this!


Rare Neko-san


There are also many rare cats like the samurai cat hidden in the game and there’s no doubt that you’ll get excited when a rare cat appears for you! You can gradually grow your garden so you can enjoy your accomplishments at your own pace as you gaze upon all the cute cats.

English Version of Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector available for iOSAndroid

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