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GJ Official LINE Stickers, Japanese Style Message Stamps are Now on Sale!

We are now selling official Goin’ Japanesque! LINE stamps. For those of you who are not familiar with this popular application in Japan, here is an introduction on how to use the app, and some of its useful features.

Purchase your Goin’ Japanesque! stamps from here: (Japanese Style Stickers with English)


What is LINE?

A free, popular communication app with voice call and messaging features. Used by a wide range of people from students, working adults, housewives to seniors, its’ monthly number of users exceeds 2 hundred million worldwide. LINE is currently available in iOS, Android, and not only smart phones but also PC’s (Windows/Mac OS).

“Chat” and “Free Voice Calls” are its well-known features, but LINE includes other various functions as well. We would like to begin by introducing the contents of the menu bar which is displayed at the bottom of the screen, by using an iPhone.

1. About “Friends”

In order to enjoy the main “Chat” feature of LINE, it is necessary to add your contacts within the app. You can add your friends who are already in your phone’s contacts, or follow the official accounts of your favorite brands or artists.

2. About “Chat”

The secret to the popularity of LINE is its “Chat” function. Not only can you have private chat conversations with your friends, but you can send variety of LINE stamps also known as stickers, which is one of its’ distinctive features.

“Voice Calls” and “Video Calls” lets you make voice/video calls without having to reveal your phone number. You can also receive notifications from official accounts of your favorite artists, celebrities, brands and TV shows that you’ve added, on a real-time basis.

Chat Screen

Expressive stamps can help you express feelings that are sometimes indescribable with words. You can also reply to your friends by just sending one of these stamps when you don’t have the time to actually type out your reply. Since this is a useful feature, there are users who chat by only using these stamps. Other features include attaching photos, movies, voice recordings, and even your location information.

“Group Chat” is a fun and useful feature to send messages within the members of the formed group. This feature lets you send messages to all the group members at once so sharing information is now more efficient. Because you can even chat with group members who are miles away as if everyone is chatting in a same classroom, this could be useful even for business meetings.

You can easily tell whether the other party has read/opened the message/files that you sent by the word “read” displayed beside the message/file. If the word “read” is not displayed, this indicates that the other party has not yet noticed the message, too busy to check their phone, or may be taking a nap.


About “Free Voice Calls”
Even if you and your friends have different providers, LINE’s voice call is free no matter how long you stay on the phone. Since international calls are possible with Wi-Fi connection, you don’t have to worry about expensive phone bills as long as you have the Wi-Fi. Why not try enjoying your calls using LINE’s free voice calls as an alternative to Skype!?

“Video Calls” when you want to see your friends’ face
Not only can you have free voice calls, but LINE also has a video call function. Try using video call when you want to both see and hear your friends who live far away.

3. “Timeline” Menu

“Timeline” lets you share, or read your friends’ updates and photos on a real-time basis. If you are following official business accounts, you may receive updates and special deals.

4. “More” Menu

LINE is improving on a daily basis, and is expanding its functions and services.

“Add Friends” and “Create a Group” are available within this “More” menu, and you can also search for official accounts. There are many other features such as LINE App, LINE Games, LINE News, LINE Gift, LINE Comics, and LINE Horoscope. The gear icon at the top right corner is the “Settings” for your profile account, privacy settings, and more.


Please note the “Sticker Shop,” where you can purchase these previously explained stamps. This online store is filled with a wide selection of world-famous character stamps and Creators’ Stamps for you to choose from (available at LINE STORE).


Japanese Style Message Stamps

Omatsu-chan and Hifumi-kun from Goin’ Japanesque! Japanese lessons are now available as official LINE stamps! Let’s incorporate these stamps into your daily LINE chat with your friends and families. Students who are studying Japanese can’t miss this!

Purchase your Goin’ Japanesque! stamps from here: (Japanese Style Stickers with English)

Author: Kokorozashi (志)

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