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Goin’ Japanesque!

Funny & Cute! 9 Cosplay Pics of Dogs with Plenty of Individuality

What’s with the abundance of clothes for dogs in Japan? We live in Japan so it’s not something we notice much, but it seems it’s getting attention from overseas. So here we’ve picked cute and unique clothes for dogs! There’s some funny ones too.


1. Superman


He has the whole form of Superman with even a cape on his back. If he walks, he’ll look just like Superman flying in the sky! lol


2. Happi Coat


A happi coat is worn at Japanese festivals. A shiba inu and a happi coat is SO Japan.

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3. Snow White

From the works of Disney. Yep, looks spot-on. So cute~


4. Maid


The maid culture that started in Japan has finally reached dogs. They’d look right at home in Harajuku~


5. School Uniform


The Japanese school uniform is often seen in anime and manga. It looks good on this pup, too.


6. Bob the Minion & Mickey Mouse

These are western works too. It looks like they’re standing on two legs.


7. Japanese Clothing: Hakama


“How do I look?”


8. Ninja


He’s carrying a sword on his back. He looks like he’s fast like a ninja.


9. Delivery Dog?

For a split second, it makes you think “What on earth??” Do your best!


Clothes for dogs are sold everywhere in Japan, from supermarkets to home improvement stores, pet shops and Don Quijote (popular discount store in Japan). If you’re an animal lover and this article has made you want to do it then dress up your pet! You’ll love it!

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