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Totti Candy Factory: The Cute Sweet Shop in Harajuku Everyone’s Talking about

Harajuku is famous for its Takeshita Street crepes. However, there’s one very popular store that’s as popular as the crepes. So what’s the featured food at this shop full of cute sweets?


About the Totti Candy Factory


Totti Candy Factory is a cute candy and sweet store that first started in Amerikamura in Osaka. The Harajuku location is the 2nd floor of a building next to the Family Mart on Takeshita Street. If you get lost, look around as you walk along Takeshita Street and get help from one of the many people who will be holding this famous and eye-catching candy.


Huge and Colorful Cotton Candy


This is what Totti Candy Factory is known for. Yep, soft and fluffy giant-sized cotton candy. This huge cotton candy (called “wataame” in Japanese) is three times the size of your face and can look like a UFO or a hat. They make it right in front of you once you order. The pink is strawberry flavored; the blue is blue Hawaii flavored… each color is a different flavor for you to enjoy. Right now uploading pictures of these huge wataame to Instagram is popular with Japan’s youth.


Also, you can get a heart right in the middle like this one. This is another popular wataame.


Cute Candy Zone


And there’s more to enjoy at the Totti Candy Factory than just cotton candy. If you go through the tunnel inside the store you’ll find a neon-colored candy room. Here they’ve collected cute and strange gummies, candies, chocolates, marshmallows and more from throughout Japan and all over the world. All the candy in the lighted cases are like a dream! They change the products in the case once a week so you’ll never tire of the surprises whenever you visit. They sell them by weight so you can buy exactly how much you want.


Cute Cake Pops

And there’s still more! They also have super cute cake pops, which are bite-sized pieces of cake speared on a stick. You could walk around Harajuku eating these. The inside of the rich cakes are each handmade, developed together with a skilled French restaurant pastry chef. They have not just the cuteness but also the taste of a real cake.

Cake pops: animal set


The Totti Candy Factory is gaining momentum right now—it’s one shop you absolutely must visit when you go to Harajuku. And on the day you go, take a photo, upload it to Instagram, and make your friends jealous! The day may soon come where they surpass the popularity of Harajuku’s crepes. Information: Map

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