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2nd Premium Kit Kat Series ‘I Love Tea’ Hits Stores!

On 4/1/2016, the Kit Kat Chocolatory began selling their 2nd “I Love” series, the ‘Kit Kat Chocolatory I LOVE TEA’. This historically high-quality Kit Kat uses 5 kinds of carefully selected tea leaves.


What is the Kit Kat Chocolatory?

Sapporo, Hokkaido Store,

These Kit Kat specialty stores only sell premium and special Kit Kats. Currently, there are a total of 8 stores in the entire country in places like Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.


Kit Kat Chocolatory I LOVE TEA

From left: gyokuro (high-quality green tea), houjicha (roasted green tea), genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice), oolong tea, koucha (black tea)

The I Love Tea series they’re selling now uses three times the amount of tea leaves of Kit Kats they’ve sold in the past. You can see them blended in the chocolate and you can appreciate everything from the tea’s aroma and bitter taste to its toasty fragrance. The gyokuro tea, in particular, is a high-quality tea leaf that’s never been used before, and makes for a luxurious piece.

Price: 2,300 yen (tax separate) for 10 pieces (2 pieces x 5 flavors)


Kit Kat Chocolatory I LOVE FRUITS

By the way, the 1st in the I LOVE series went on sale March 2015 and was I Love Fruits. The chocolatory created high-quality Kit Kats with the perfect pairing of sweet and sour of fruit powder and chocolate. The flavors were strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, yuzu citrus and passion fruit and it tasted just like the real fruits were in the chocolate.


It feels like just the other say sake-flavored Kit Kats went on sale and it seems that the types of flavors for Japanese Kit Kats are still increasing. We’ll let you know when there’s new information so, for all our Kit Kat lovers out there, enjoy!

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