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Neko Hanko: Cat Motif Stamps Can be Used as Personal Seals for Bank Accounts

We’ve written about this in past articles but, if you want to live in Japan, you must get a hanko stamp. You use a hanko when you make a bank account, sign official documents or receive packages you ordered in the mail. Now, at long last, there’s super cute neko (cat) hanko for those times when living in Japan where you must use them! And even though they have pictures drawn on them, you can use them for opening bank accounts!


What is Neko-zukan?

Neko-zukan is a hanko with a cat illustration that Hankos developed for cat-lovers. They’re made-to-order. You pick your favorite cat design and then they carve in your name.


Neko-hanko, start to finish

1. Select a body

Kuro Suigyu (black water buffalo) 黒水牛

This jet-black body has an air of high class. It’s also durable and long-lasting. This type you use with shuniku ink.

Tsuge (boxwood) 柘植

The golden body feels polished. It’s made from wood. This type you use with shuniku ink.

They also have shachihata (self-inking) stamps and pen-and-stamp combos for a total of 4 different types.
*Detailed explanations on shuniku ink and shachihata stamps are in the hanko article linked at the bottom of this article.

2. Pick a cat

Once you’ve picked a body, it’s time to pick which cat you like. Such a hard choice! Personally, I like ‘T’.

3. Give them your name

Once you’ve picked a cat, the last part is to enter your name… and ta-da! Your neko-hanko is finished! Now you can stamp anything and everything.

*Kuro-suigyu and tsuge are the 2 kinds accepted at Japan’s major financial institutions so you can use the neko-hanko to open a bank account. Also, the major takyubin (delivery) services accept all 4 kinds so you can use them to stamp your delivery receipt.



By the way, there are inu (dog) hanko too. They also look popular!


Animal hanko are great for yourself, but they’ll also make people happy if you give them as a gift. If you’re interested in getting one, feel free to contact us at Goin’ Japanesque!. We’ll send them to you from Japan. Official website

For more details on hanko, click here: Types of Japanese Hanko Stamp: Why You Should Guard Your Seal with Your Life!

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