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Tokyu Plaza Ginza: A New Shopping Destination Filled with Things of Japan

On March 31st 2016, a new destination was launched in Ginza, Tokyo. We are sure one of the main reasons to come to Japan, along with sightseeing is shopping. If you’re not sure where to shop or if you love impulsive shopping, come to the Tokyu Plaza Ginza. Here, we offer you a quick summary as well as a guide to the must-see floors. Photo:


About the Tokyu Plaza Ginza

It is a large scale retail facility that has been built by Tokyu Fudosan (Tokyu Land Corporation) by the Sukiyabashi Intersection, one of the representative areas in Ginza, Tokyo. The structure is made up of 13 floors, from 2 floors below ground level up to the 11th floor. It is one of the largest scale retail structures in Ginza with a total of 125 stores. Their concept is “tradition and innovation”. It’s a facility getting a lot of buzz right now with many stores that are launching in Japan for the first time or have innovative business models, with the hopes of visitors discovering Japanese traditions as well as something new about Japan. In fact, in the future, they hope to develop the area so that it becomes the equivalent of the Shibuya Scramble Intersection, but in Ginza. Information: Map


Some Highlights

1. The Exterior Inspired by Edo Kiriko Glasswork


The exterior of the dynamic structure is traditional as it is inspired by the traditional Japanese edo kiroko, but still looks modern and stylish.

2. FIND JAPAN MARKET (6th to 7th Floors)

7th Floor HANDS EXPO,

This is the Find Japan Market floors that are on the 6th and 7th floors. The concept is rediscovery of Japanese culture. There is an offering of many Japan-made items that are created by artisans. A feature attraction here is the Hands Expo on the 7th Floor. It’s a new style of operation by Tokyu Hands. The area is divided in 5 sections by genres of culture: 和 (Japanese) 都 (Capital/city) 知 (Knowledge) 美 (Beauty) 食(Food) and offers items that are associated with each culture.




They have a wide variety of products from traditional Japan-made products to items in relation to pop culture such as anime, items exclusive to certain regions, and unique items with a little twist. They are authentic items that will please even the toughest critics.

3. Public Space (6th Floor and Rooftop)

Because Ginza is in Tokyo, where it is crowded with people, it was difficult to find much space to relax. But now, there is a publicly open space – which is rare in Tokyo- here in the Tokyu Plaza Ginza. You can stop by during your sightseeing or shopping trip for a little rest or even a meal. 


First there’s the KIRIKO LOUNGE on the 6th floor. There is an open atrium of about 27 meters that opens up to the very top floor. You can look down at the city of Ginza through the large window. In the night time, the beautiful neon lights in the city of Tokyo jumps into view. It appears they will be holding musical entertainment or cultural events here from time to time.


Next is the KIRIKO TERRACE on the rooftop. It is made up of 2 areas inspired by greenery and water. You can feel nature within the large city of Tokyo. You can have a nice rest and light dining in the tea house; a precious space in Tokyo.

4. Duty Free Area (8th to 9th Floors)

These floors offer an airport style duty free shop. All the luxury brands are offered free of tax. It’s a must see floor if you are thinking to do some high-priced shopping.

5. Restaurant Area (10th to 11th Floors)

It is a restaurant floor with a wide variety of cuisine from traditional Japanese restaurants to cuisine from various other countries. It’s nice you are free to choose according to your preference. There’s also a wide selection of Japanese sake so if you are a fan of Japanese food, we recommend a nice Japanese dinner with some sake.



The Tokyu Plaza Ginza, with all kinds of shop that is sure to satisfy the mature shopper who has a taste for authenticity. It is a facility that even Japanese who are living in Japan are excited about. No doubt it will become the new “it” destination. We would love for you to take back the “real” artisanal crafts and traditional crafts of Japan as souvenirs. A must see for those of you that have an eye for sophistication! 

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