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Congrats & Omedeto! Babymetal Ranks 3rd in iTunes Charts (Metal Resistance)

On 4/1/2016, the second album of Babymetal, Metal Resistance, was released worldwide. And with that, at one time it hit 3rd in the iTunes Store for American album charts. No doubt there are many of you living overseas who find this to be no surprise, but from a Japanese person’s standpoint it’s very surprising news. The reason for surprise is because Babymetal is much more recognized outside of Japan. It’s amazing because this was an aggregate ranking and not just for one genre. In the wake of this popularity, on 4/2 they’ll also be the first Japanese people to be headlining in England’s Wembley Arena.

While the memory’s still fresh, the production titled the release day for their second album Metal Resistance, 4/1, as Fox Day. They’re really taking on the form of success.

And in the Karate music video that came out not long ago, there were tons of Japanese elements. Karate is a martial art where you study fighting together with morals, manners and thinking of others. It’s one part of our culture that represents Japan. Babymetal are connecting the people of the world with Japanese culture through music.


Babymetal fights on the world stage. Although times are changing, could any of us do as they’ve done in our teenage years? The honest impression we get when we really ask ourselves is that we feel like we probably can’t, that they’re doing something amazing. It’s almost a year since the launch of our site Goin’ Japanesque! The reason we have been able to come this far is thanks to the comments from our readers from both in and out of Japan and followers on Facebook and Twitter support us. We look at media coverage of Babymetal and see it in a different light. There are still things to improve upon but we do what we can one by one. If we overcome language barriers, national barriers and share with other people just a little about Japan then we believe we’ll continue moving forward one step at a time.

*Babymetal will perform on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on 4/5/2016. It’s rare for bands from other countries to get the chance to perform on American TV so be sure to check them out if you’re interested!

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