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For Real?! Dream Match Between Godzilla and Evangelion!?

On 4/1/2016 big news announcing that a movie of “Godzilla vs Evangelion” will be in production came online and the internet quickly filled with comments: “Whoohoo!” “I can’t wait to see it!” “Who’ll be stronger?!” And so many people were talking about how cool it’d be for Godzilla to be breathing heat rays and the Evangelion Unit-01 to be readying a spear in the backdrop of a ruined city.

…But, it became clear this was an April Fool’s joke. This surprise coincided with the Shin-Godzilla (Godzilla Resurgence) film coming out on 7/29/2016 that they announced last year. After all, the person directing Shin-Godzilla is Hideaki Anno, who was part of the popular Neon Genesis Evangelion anime.

Unfortunately, the announcement of the movie being made was a joke, but one part that is true are the Godzilla and Evangelion collaboration goods. To commemorate Shin-Godzilla, they will be selling Godzilla and Evangelion t-shirts, key holders and more.

Special Item: They’re selling a limited 55,555 advance screening tickets of Shin-Godzilla with a limited edition clear file holder using the image we have at the top of the article.


The dream match between Godzilla and Evangelion may have ended in a dream, but if enough fans talk about it then maybe it’ll become real. Everyone—we at GJ included—agree that we wanna see it! Official Website:

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