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Nagashima Spa Land: Jam Packed with Japan’s Largest Rollercoasters

In terms of Japanese amusement parks, Fuji-Q Highland (in East Japan) is pretty famous. However, there’s one in West Japan that very few know about, despite its global scale. Today we’re introducing you to an amusement park that rivals Disneyland/Sea and USJ (Universal Studios Japan).


What is Nagashima Spa Land?


Nagashima Spa Land in Mie Prefecture is a large amusement park complex of over 50 years of history. It uses one of the largest plots of land within the country and has over 50 kinds of attractions. In the past, it’s ranked several times in the global top 20 for number of visitors and stands among big international contenders like Disney and Universal Studios as a purely Japanese park. There’s more to see in Mie Prefecture than just the Ise Grand Shrine. 


7 Attractions and Places not to Miss

The thrill rides are what make Nagashina Spa Land famous, but there are many other fascinating forms of entertainment there too.

1. Acrobat

2015 marked the 50th anniversary of the debut of Japan’s first flying rollercoaster. It’s one of the largest flying rollercoaster in the world and known for where you’re lying face down. After it reaches 43m above the ground, it suddenly does a nose-dive, making rapid turns to the ground while you’re lying on your belly to the water’s edge, skimming across the surface and flying past a spray of water. The thrill of this ride is feeling as if you’re freely flying around in the sky.

2. Steel Dragon 2000

It was recognized when it first opened as the largest rollercoaster in the world by the Guinness World Records for 4 categories: a final end height of 97m, a max drop of 93.5m, top speed of 153km/h and a length of 2,479m. (Even now it’s still the longest in the world.) This rollercoaster has a very long drop and fairly sharp angles.

3. White Cyclone


One of the world’s largest wooden rollercoasters. It reaches a top height of 42.4m, a top speed of 102km/h and is 1700m long. While it’s astonishing that something of this scale is built from wood, it also has an interesting appearance that looks like a black hole sucking you in.

4. Jumbo Ocean Pool

This outdoor pool is on a huge 75,000 square meters plot of land and open only during summer. With 10 types of pools and 55 lanes of water slides, this is one of the largest in the world. It’s so big it might be more fitting to call this an ocean rather than a pool.

5. Jazz Dream Nagashima

A large outlet mall with 240 stores, the most number of stores for an outlet mall in Japan. You can enjoy shopping here after you’ve had fun on the rides.

6. Yuami no Shima

There’s a large daytrip onsen facility that uses Nagashima Onsen water. They also have a rotemburo (open air bath). There’s nothing better than rejuvenating your body after you’re worn out from playing. Guests who are staying at the adjacent hotel get in for free.

7. Nabana no Sato


A flower theme park with cherry and plum trees, tulips, sunflowers, cosmos flowers and more. The most popular thing here is the large-scale illuminations. Millions of LED lights bloom like flowers. The light tunnel is especially wonderful. It’s going on right now until 5/8.
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Rollercoasters are the representative of Nagashima Spa Land, but there are many things here for everyone from kids to adults to enjoy. This internationally well-kept secret (?) spot is perfect to visit with your family or your friends so how about giving it a visit and letting go of all the fatigue and stress from work? It’s also close to Osaka and Nagoya, making it easy to slip into your sightseeing itinerary.

Access: There are nonstop busses running from Nagoya Station. Information: Map

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