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Candle Island: Bad Timing Means Missing Out on This Wonder

And now for our scenery series. And what is this place where you can see a boulder that looks just like a candle?


What is Candle Island (Rosoku-jima)?

Candle Island is a small deserted island that’s part of the Oki Islands of Shimane Prefecture. This strangely shaped rock is about 20m tall and towers above the Sea of Japan. There are many other rocks that look like candles but it’s very rare for them to create the illusion of being lit with ire. And it’s much more than the setting sun crossing the top, its entire shape also looks like there’s a candlestick stand and wick. It’s this realism that attracts many visitors to this scenic photo spot.


Conditions to see with the setting sun

You can only see it happen from a cruise ship. It also won’t work if the timing’s off or there’s weather interference from clouds or waves. It’s not that you can see it whenever you want but if you’re up to the challenge, book a sightseeing cruise and give it a try.


Sightseeing cruise info

The cruise ships run from 4/1 to 10/31. It is by reservation and the ride is about 50 minutes. They depart from the ports Fukuura-ko or Akasaki-ko in the evening. The departure time is different every day so contact them on the day to get the time. If you didn’t make a reservation or it gets canceled, you should go and see the rock from the Candle Island viewing platform. However, you won’t be able to see the setting sun cross behind and light the wick from the Candle Island viewing platform. Information: MapOfficial Website

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