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5 Super Cheesy Love Hotels for Couples

Love hotels are said to be uniquely Japanese culture. A love hotel is, well… a hotel meant for so-called “nighttime activities”, as well as a hotel where you can take a short break during the daytime without staying the night. Until recently love hotels have had a slightly sleazy image but nowadays many of them are being seen as tourist spots, even if they’re not openly discussed. Today we’re focusing on those kinds of love hotels. We’ll be showing you amusing ones that you wouldn’t know from the outside are love hotels.


1. Queen Elizabeth Sekitei

クイーンエリザベス石庭, Saitama Prefecture


The impressive exterior modeled on the warship the Queen Elizabeth is like a theme park. At night it’s lit up and looks even more beautiful. There are jokes about parents whose kids have begged to go there and then struggled to give them an answer. Information: Map


2. Hotel Daigo

ホテル醍醐, Osaka Prefecture


Yep, I don’t know what this one’s going for either. It’s a love hotel with castle towers lol. It’s a famous building in the area but what’s going on inside is more interesting. Information: Map


3. Hotel UFO

ホテルUFO, Chiba Prefecture


An unidentified flying object suddenly appeared in Makuhari, Chiba Prefecture! And it’s… a love hotel, lol. The name says it all. But the staff aren’t aliens, haha! Information: Map


4. Hotel Kuchinashi-jo Togenkyo

ホテルくちなし城桃源郷, Kanagawa Prefecture

This one’s a castle too. However, its design quality is nothing like the Hotel Daigo in Osaka. It’s just like a tourist spot. It’s not just a joke, it is perfectly worth going.

Room 102

Yep, the rooms exceed expectations too. This Japanese-style room is reminiscent of a high-class ryokan (traditional Japanese hotel) where you can stay for a very reasonable price. The bathroom’s complete with a massage bed and steam sauna to meet all your needs. This Japanese-style hotel has the air of a place for adults here for many reasons, not just for nighttime activities. Information: Map


5. Dotonbori Hotel

道頓堀ホテル, Osaka Prefecture

This is a business hotel but it’s ranked in our article because of its uniqueness. The Dotonbori Hotel is a business hotel that opened when the Japan World Exposition was held in Osaka in 1970. It was built with the concept of providing hospitality to global visitors. It’s the true first “Omotenashi” (hospitality) hotel. Even now a tremendous number of visitors from all over the world stay here so it’s likely many of you who already know about it.

The eye-catching face pillars represent the 4 major ethnic groups of the world. Actually, you can also see their respective butts from inside the building’s lobby! lol Another fun thing to enjoy is that there’s different versions of the pillars–they’ll change depending on the season, like for sakura or Christmas.

Also, the Dotonbori Hotel is very service-oriented and they have many free Japanese culture experiences. Currently they have ramen, deco nails, kushi katsu (fried pork skewers), kimono and cosplay experiences. In the past they’ve done things like takoyaki and okonomiyaki, nigiri (hand pressed) sushi, and mochi-pounding events. Information: Map


It might be fun to spend a visit in one of these interesting hotels for a day during your sightseeing in Japan!

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