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4 Recommended High-Class Resort Hotels in Okinawa

There’s a rush of new resort hotels popping up in Okinawa due to the influx of both domestic and foreign tourists. Today we’ll be sharing the cream of the crop for these high-class resort hotels. Move up a rank and relax in the lap of luxury.


1. Oriental Hills Okinawa

There’s a mere 14 hotel rooms on the vast 20,000 square meter hills of Onna-son. Here there’s an overwhelming sense of openness.

They boast the highest ranking for adult resorts in Okinawa and when you arrive at the airport they’ll even pick you up in a Mercedes-Benz.

Every room also comes with the largest private pools in Japan. This is luxury travel where you’ll want for nothing. Information: Map


2. Hotel Nikko Alivila / Yomitan Resort Okinawa

Right outside the hotel is Nirai Beach with its clear waters being the pride of Okinawa. The hotel is so close you can visit the beach anytime you want.

All of the flowers create a feeling of an everlasting summer.  Every room comes with a balcony so you can see this amazing view, together with the beach, anytime.

One more thing we recommend is the traditional mud mask, which has been used since the Ryukyu era (15th-19th century). How about making your skin super smooth? Information: Map


3. ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort

The entire peninsula, surrounded by an emerald green sea, is the resort area for this luxury hotel. Their marine sports experiences and whale watching tours (reservation required) complete the package.


The inside also has an eccentric surreal atmosphere to it. It’s not just kids who will have fun but adults too. Your whole family can have fun here.

They also have traditional Ryukyu performances in the restaurant where you can eat both Japanese and regional cuisine from local ingredients while watching the live shows. This is your time in paradise. Information: Map


4. The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas

The company that runs the Busena Terrace, an already famous Okinawan luxury resort hotel, is opening a new hotel on 3/18/2016.

The hotel’s concept is harmony with nature, and this is spread everywhere throughout this subtropical space, which is full of the feeling of openness.

And there’s nothing more luxurious here than having your own private pool with your room. Once you’ve experienced this, you’ll never want to go back to work. Information: Map


Okinawa is becoming more and more popular as a tourist destination. Were there any of the hotels here that you want to visit? Once in a while you need to treat yourself and stay in a high-class resort!

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