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Yanagawa River Boat Tour: Sightseeing Nearby and Local Foods

Were you able to enjoy the boat tour of Yanagawa River? Fukuoka Prefecture’s Yanagawa also offers other sightseeing and delicious foods. Here is a sightseeing plan that is sure to help your tour of the area.

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1. Yanagawa Hina Matsuri – Doll Festival (Sagemon Meguri)



March 3rd is a celebration of Hinamatsuri or Doll festival all over Japan. What’s unique about hinamatsuri in Yanagawa is that they traditionally use hanging ornaments called “sagemon”. Yanagawa Hina Matsuri Schedule: 2/11 – 4/3

About the standard Hinamatsuri: Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival) Part 1: History and How to Display the Hina Dolls


2. Mihashira Jinja Shrine



Take a look at the crimson bridge of Shogetsu Josenjo (Boat Landing) from above; it was the starting point of the Ohorimeguri boat tour. It offers a different view.


3. Tachibana Museum (Tachibana-ke Shiryokan)


The museum offers displays on archives of the Tachibana family from the feudal lords’ tools, important documents and armors. It should be a visually interesting way to feel history even without the ability to understand Japanese.


4. Hiyoshi Jinja Shrine



A location that is visited for hatsumode (first trip to the shrine in the New Year’s) as well as weddings for local residents.


5. Ohana


松濤園 (Shotoen)

Within the 7,000 tsubo (about 23,140 square meters) premises, there are western style buildings, the great hall, the garden “Shotoen” and other scenic areas that are recognized by the country as scenic views and preserved in its original state. There are also many hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops that will keep you entertained even for an entire day. You are also able to have a Japanese style wedding here – this was also included in the view in the 1st part of the 2 part article.


6. Shinshoji Temple



This is a temple build above the grave of Military Commander Tanaka Yoshimasa, whose bronze statue is introduced on the Ohori meguri boat tour.


7. Hakushu Road Promenade


The Hakushu Road is one of the 100 Select Roads of Japan. It was a street that Hakushū Kitahara used along his commute to middle school.


8. The Former Toshima Family Residence


This was a samurai mansion that was used as the tea room of the Yanagawa Clan feudal lord. The beauty seen here is the lonely simplicity, a far contrast to opulence.

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9. Karatachi, Foot Bath for Cultural Literati



The foot bath is so spacious that it can accommodate 70 people at once. There is a panel that introduces literati that are associated with Yanagawa. It is sure to help spark interesting conversation with people that you happen to sit next to.


Local Cuisine 1: Yanagawa Nabe (Hot Pot)


The pot is lined with burdock, and then dojo (loach) and mixed egg are added and cooked under low heat. It is a simple traditional dish- a rare delicacy.


Local Cuisine 2: Unagi no Seiro Mushi (Eel Cooked in a Bamboo Steamer)


Unagi (eel) of Yanagawa is recognized to be the most premium of domestically sourced eel. The seiro-mushi or steaming using bamboo steamer cooks the eel to a fluffier texture, making it more delicious. The egg topping is also unique. Information: Map

Recommended Traditional Unagi Restaurants of Yanagawa: Motoyoshi Ya, Wakamatsu Ya


So how did you like our 2 part series on sightseeing Yanagawa in Fukuoka Prefecture? There are too many places we would like you to visit and think you should visit. We hope you can take a good 2-3 days to enjoy the scenery, cooking and omotenashi (hospitality) of the Japanese countryside.

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