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Gujjoba: You Can Become Yakisoba at YomiuriLand’s Newest Attraction

YomiuriLand is famous for their large scale winter illuminations. At the same YomiuriLand, they opened up a new area on 3/18/2016. It’s called “Gujjoba”. Gujjoba i different from traditional amusement park concepts for it’s a hands-on amusement park. There’s even a place here where you can become yakisoba noodles yourself. So, let’s go and turn into some yakisoba!


What is Gujjoba?

Gujjoba (short for Good Job Attractions) is an area within YomiuriLand featuring a fusion of the Japanese manufacturing culture and attractions. Planning for it started 7 years ago. Amusement parks are typically places where you passively ride the attractions but Gujjoba is a new kind of hands-on/participatory amusement park. A huge amount of 10 million yen was invested into making a place for kids to have fun and naturally gain an interest in creating things, rather than being forced to learn it. Their main target demographic is children, but 3 generations of parents and children can enjoy the manufacturing content introduced within the 4 factories.


The 4 Factories

There are 4 different themed areas in Gujjoba and you can experience something different and unique at each of them. (There are a total of 15 attractions, including 4 that are a first in Japan.)

1. Car Factory

At Car Factory you can experience many things related to cars. The first thing that jumps out at you when you first enter is the huge robot CIRA (pronounced sigh-rah) that is reminiscent of a Gundam. Once every 30 minutes it automatically transforms from a robot to a car or back again. Robots that transform completely automatically are very rare.


At the custom garage you can insert parts into the body of an almost real sized car, drill in screws, and customize your favorite car. Your finished car then goes through an inspection and, if it doesn’t pass, gets sent back to the factory. If it does pass, you can test drive it and with this attraction you’ll even go as far as the car shipment. There is also an area where you can design your own custom car on a screen.

This is a great attraction where children can experience the various processes and difficulties of making a car.

2. Fashion Factory

At Fashion Factory you’re shrunk down to experience what clothes go through. The rollercoaster runs between a huge sewing machine and where fabric is being cut. For the final climax, music plays and you’re bathed in a spotlight as you glide through the darkness, feeling like you’re now a model in a fashion show.

There are also areas where you can power machines through bike pedaling and create original knitted items.

3. Bungu Factory

Bungu Factory (“bungu” is short for “bunbougu,” which means “stationary”) is a place themed around Japanese stationary which is popular even overseas for having many unique varieties. The picture is of Japan’s first ball coaster attraction. You can also experience making your own notebook here.

4. Food Factory

And last but not least is Food Factory, where you can become Nissin UFO yakisoba. From inside a yakisoba cup, you go through “boiling” water poured from a kettle (it’s actually just regular water). You can see the process of noodles being made and being drained. There are parts where aroma of real yakisoba drifts through the air.


There’s also a huge UFO yakisoba hanging from the ceiling inside. Yum, makes you wanna take a bite…


When you get hungry, you can eat too! That’s because here you can pick your cup’s lid, draw your own design on it, select your favorite toppings, and make the world’s only UFO yakisoba designed by you. This is similar to Osaka’s Instant Ramen Museum.


YomiuriLand’s Gujjoba is a new hands-on amusement park where children actively and naturally, not passively, grow an interest in many things. There are many indoor attractions as well, making it good for rainy days too. Gujjoba teaches cooperation and teamwork and is great for friends and family. Information: Map

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