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Eshima Ohashi Bridge: A Bridge so Steep it’s like a Rollercoaster

At the end of 2013 the car manufacturer Daihatsu used Eshima Ohashi to show off the horsepower of their Tanto Custom car and suddenly threw this location into the spotlight. From looking like a towering wall to the “pedal to the metal” catchphrase, it’s also known as “Betabumi-zaka” (Leadfoot Hill). Today we’ll be talking about the unusual tourist spot, Eshima Ohashi. Photo:


About Eshima Ohashi


Length: 1,446m
Incline: 6.1% (Shimane Prefecture’s side), 5.1% (Tottori Prefecture’s side)
Height from the water’s surface: 44.7m (at the highest point)

The bridge connects Sakaiminato, Tottori and Matsue, Shimane. Before it was completed, the only way across was taking the Naka-ura-suimon Bridge, but the bridge would be closed for 7-8 minutes to let ships pass and cars over 14t couldn’t drive over it. The Eshima Ohashi (“ohashi” means “big bridge”) was built as a solution to this problem.

Once Eshima Ohashi was complete, the time it took for large trailers and sightseeing buses reduced drastically and, of course, it took away the need to close the bridge while large ships passed. In addition to this one there are also several other bridges with similarly steep inclines around Eshima Ohashi.


Boom! It’ll make you wanna scream, “Higher, higher!” It makes you feel worried about motorcycles being up at the top. There’s some claims that it’s CGI but this it’s not–it’s a genuine bridge. You have to try going up to the top of this bridge and reach the sky without stopping. If you’re going up by car, please drive safely and make sure you don’t overdo it on speed. And don’t forget you’ll need an international driver’s license.


Lights and Night Scenery


The night is for the adults. The curvature of the bridge looks so lovely. Information: Map


We also recommend you slowly go up by walking and riding a bike. It’s a lot like hiking and you can enjoy the scenery from the top of the bridge.

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