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Fuglen Tokyo: The Best Coffee Praised by the NY Times

There is sure to be many coffee-lovers here who must have a cup of coffee in the mornings, are particular about their coffee or coffee plays some part in their life. If you want to try a better coffee then there’s a shop in Tokyo you must visit. This coffee shop we’re introducing to you the New York Times says is so good it’s worth the plane ride just to visit it.


About Fuglen Tokyo

Fuglen Tokyo is a cafe bar near Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Their main branch is Fuglen Oslo. It’s been loved since 1963 in Norway, a place with the greatest coffee culture. Fuglen Tokyo is their 2nd store and their first branch overseas. It doubles as a cafe during the day and a bar at night and is visited by many foreigners living in Tokyo. Information: Map



Their logo is a red bird marking. The shop is a remodeled Japanese home that fits right alongside the quiet neighborhood it’s in. They have many tables and chairs outside too and there’s a lot of relaxing space for all types from people having breakfast, reading newspapers, using their computers to people in deep thought or enjoying a conversation.



Inside there’s the warmth of natural wood and they say it’s a replica of the main store, the Fuglen Oslo. Norwegian vintage furniture and ceramics line the interior and you can also buy one if you take a liking to it.


We recommend the AeroPress Coffee

AeroPress Coffee,

They have the AeroPress and drip brews but we recommend their AeroPress coffee, which is the signature drink at Fuglen Tokyo. AeroPress is a method of squeezing out the coffee bean extract by air pressure so that you can enjoy the original taste of the coffee beans. They’re lightly roasted for you to enjoy a surprisingly fruity tartness of Norwegian coffee. Indeed, this is the taste of fresh coffee beans!

They sell coffee beans so you can bring them back to brew at home.


Enjoy Your Breakfast Too


They also sell several breads that go well with Norwegian coffee and a fruity coffee with sweet bread makes the perfect pair. You’re also free to bring your own food so you can bring something else that you want to eat.


The fashionable interior feels fancy but there’s no need to break the bank. Their prices are reasonable so stop by as you like. They have English menus and English-speaking staff, which is great for those who don’t speak Japanese. The Norwegians living in Japan will agree, you may end up addicted after your first drink!

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