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With Bunny in Asakusa: Pet Rare Breeds at Japan’s Large Scale Bunny Cafe

In Asakusa, the popular tourist spot in Japan, there’s a bunny café where 90% of the customers are tourists from overseas. Today we’ll be talking about what’s special about this bunny café that grew in popularity thanks to word-of-mouth spread by Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Bunny’s Theme Park With Bunny – Special Features of Asakusa Branch

1. The entire building is the bunny cafe

Exit the north ticket gate of the Asakusa Station on the Tobu Skytree Line and the bunny café will be right there on your left. This theme park will let you experience petting adorable bunnies.


You’re sure not to get lost because there’s a huge bunny sign on the big building directly in front of the station. Every floor of this 6 story building is part of the café (floors 1-5 + the rooftop) and it boasts as having the most floors for a bunny café.

2. You can reserve private rooms

If you want, you can reserve a room to play with the bunnies. It gives the sense of you and your friends playing with the rabbits in your own private space.

3. See the Skytree from the rooftop

Snap a commemorative photo of the Skytree if the weather’s good. You can also take the bunnies up to the rooftop with you.

4. Rare bunny breeds

One reason for their popularity is that they have about 10 kinds and a plethora of breeds here. And among them are some rare cuties that you don’t often get to see.

Lion Lop,

Everything from this fluffy guy…

Dwarf Hotot,

To this one looking like he has eye make-up on! Information: Map


Make lasting memories of your trip to Japan together as you sightsee in Asakusa. Take a moment and be rejuvenated by the little bunnies.

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