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Top 10 Hanami Spots in Tokyo: Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms

For those of you who have planned hanami or cherry blossoms viewing as one of the highlights of your trip to Japan, we have made a top-10 list, limiting the area to Tokyo. Enjoy the best hanami in Japan!

*Areas that have been introduced in past articles have been omitted.


10. Koganei Park



This is the largest scale public park in Tokyo. It is a historically famous hanami spot. There is an annual cherry blossom festival held here too.


9. Yoyogi Park



Great for accessibility (Harajuku station, Meijijingumae station), but the trade off is that it gets quite crowded.


8. Showa Memorial Park



A national park representing Japan; the space is huge – equivalent to about 40 Tokyo Domes and there are many other plants and flowers abloom in addition to cherry blossoms.


7. Onda River



Low-key spot; It is unique because you can see the view from the bridge, but even from further above, over the bridge as well.


6. Inokashira Park



Looking up at the cherry blossoms from a boat gliding on water makes for a great atmosphere. It is a nice spot to go for a date as well. This place also gets super crowded.


5. Shinjuku Gyoen



A paradise of cherry blossoms amidst the city of Shinjuku; the view of cherry blossoms with the skyscrapers is scene that’s particular to such a metropolis. 

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4. Chidorigafuchi



The number of cherry trees is relatively small but you see beautiful nighttime blossoms. There are of course people that come just for hanami, but even guys getting off work can’t help but stop by and gaze at the blossoms.


3. Sumida Park



This is a row of cherry trees that is said to have started from tree that the 8th Shogun, Tokugawa Ieyasu planted. The cherry blossoms with the Tokyo SkyTree in the background have become a view sought by tourists.


2. Rikugien Garden



The weeping cherry blossoms of the Rikugien are something that you should see at least once. You want to catch a glimpse of the trees that are specially lit up for a limited time.


1. Meguro River


The cherry blossoms that blossom over the Meguro River for a stretch of about 4km attract many people. How about a nice stroll along the river while enjoying conversation with your friends?


There you have it, the Top 10 cherry blossoms of Tokyo. Were you able to get a feel of each location’s characteristics?

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