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3 Great Spots for Nighttime Sakura: Fantastical View of Cherry Blossoms

Continuing our focus on cherry blossoms, today we’re going to look at yo-zakura (“cherry blossoms at night”). Around the time that cherry trees begin to flower in Japan, the weather isn’t so cold even at night, and on top of that many visitors end up feeling quite toasty once they start sipping their drinks as they enjoy the flowers. This article will introduce you to three different destinations where you can savor gorgeous nightscapes decorated with Japanese cherry blossoms during the hanami (“flower-viewing”) season. Ref: Photo


1. Takada Park, Niigata


Takada Park is located at the old site of Takada Castle, famous for being the residence of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s sixth son, Matsudaira Tadateru. Every year when the cherry trees are blooming, they hold a festival here called the Takada-jō Hyakuman-nin Kan’oukai (“Takada Castle’s One Million Sakura Viewers Meet”) where around 3,000 bonbori lanterns light up around 4,000 cherry trees at night, making for a stirring and fabulous scene.

Sakura Road,

One of the most popular spots around here is called “Sakura Road,” which features rows of illuminated cherry trees. Anyone visiting here is sure to be moved by the sky of sakura petals above them. Of course, it’s an excellent destination as a date spot, too.


During the Takada-jō Hyakuman-nin Kan’oukai, there is no lack of outdoor vendors doing business, giving the place the lively atmosphere of a summer festival. Come spring, this area is truly a symbol of spring. Information: Map


2. Hirosaki Park, Aomori


Takaoka Bridge and yo-zakura reflected in the water,


Hirosaki Park gets an entry into the Three Great Night Sakura Spots, as well!
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3. Ueno Park, Tokyo


Properly called “Ueno Onshi Park,” this area was actually the very first place officially designated as a public park in Japan. The Ueno area has been famed for its cherry blossoms since the Edo period (1603–1868), and nowadays come spring around 1,200 sakura bring a colorful vividness to the park, which overflows with people coming to view the blossoms.

It’s a great place to bring the family or come with a group of friends or co-workers. Located as it is in Tokyo, it’s quite easy to get here, so be sure to come by some time and enjoy the lively and bustling atmosphere! Information: Map


Go see cherry blossoms in the evening if you want to experience the romance and allure of yo-zakura. If you must choose just one out of these three grand destinations for nighttime cherry blossoms, our recommendation would have to be Takada Park, which ranks not only on a national but a global level.

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