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Washi Tape, Japan’s Popular & Stylish Masking Tape

Washi tape is especially popular right now among non-Japanese women. It’s basically masking tape, but they’re made from traditional Japanese paper so they are durable and have a strong adhesive for how thin they are. It’s unique because it comes off clean when you try to peel it off. Other reasons for their popularity are how cute and stylish they look as well as the wide variety that’s offered.


Use as you like

The nice thing about them is how versatile they are. You’re not restricted to knick knacks—many people will use washi tape to decorate their entire room.

Decoration on stationary,

On your computer keyboard

For wrapping gifts,


Interesting washi tapes

When you come to Japan, you’ll find washi tape even in low-cost stores like 100 yen shops. In addition, there are some slightly unique washi tapes that we’ll share with you now.

1. Ruler

Apply tape and measure length at the same time. I don’t know when you might need to do this but it’s an interesting idea either way!

2. Japanese


Washi tape with written phrases like:

“Tsumaranai mono desu ga.” (It’s not much)
“Hon no kimochi desu ga.” (A token of my gratitude.)
“Okuchi ni aimasu ka dou ka.” (I hope you’ll enjoy this food.)

The 3 Japanese phrases above have been used since olden times for giving company clients small gifts or when sharing year-end oseibo gifts, expressing the modesty and humility of Japanese people. It seems these have a specific use.

3. Station names on the Yamanote Line


Am I the only one who thinks these look cool? I’m sure there are some people who’d want this for their collection even if they aren’t fans of trains.


These washi tapes can be purchased in 100 yen shops in Japan, Tokyu Hands, stationary stores and gift shops in airports. They only cost a few hundred yen so you can buy several even just to try them out.

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