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Kyoto GEAR: A Moving Non-Verbal Performance

Have you heard of the performance show getting a huge amount of attention in Kyoto right now? It’s not a shrine, a temple or even in the Japanese style. So what is this place that’s being called the Cirque du Soleil of Japan and Kyoto’s new attraction?


What is GEAR?

It’s a speechless performance show that began in 2012 at an exclusive theatre in Kyoto Sanjo. As its slogan goes, it’s not a drama, not a musical, not even a circus; it’s Japan’s first moving entertainment. The best part is how they express everything without words.


Plot Summary

The setting is an abandoned toy factory in the future. There are 4 humanoid robots called “Roboroids” and a doll who was made at the factory called “Doll”. As they come in contact with one another, the 5 become closer to being human. And the big thing that happens at the end…



#1 Location: ART COMPLEX 1928

The exclusive theatre for GEAR is a building built in 1928 with nearly 90 years of history. There are so many devices within this retro venue that it’ll make you wonder what in the world it will be used for.

#2 High-level Performance

The 5 performers on the stage are a world champion-caliber ensemble. They mix together high-level performances like break dance, mime, magic tricks, juggling and more to color the stage.

#3 Different Cast Each Performance


One real charm is seeing performances that subtly change by the day and how the actors adlib. Also, the actors change with each performance so you can see and feel something different if you see it for the 2nd or 3rd time.

#4 Sense of Immersion and Unity


One nice thing is the cozy audience—only about 100 guests can be seated. There’s no separation between the front row and the stage so you’re so close to the actors you could reach out and touch them. The actors move around freely and even walk through the aisles, performing amidst the audience. Even the breathing becomes part of the performance.

#5 Latest Technology: Projection Mapping

With projection mapping and laser beams in up to 16 million colored lights, it’s a mega impressive performance of lights and images.


This new attraction, GEAR, is popular with foreigners and even small children because it doesn’t use any language. The show lasts about 75 minutes so it won’t bore the kids. Its fans are men and women of all ages and backgrounds and they take ideas for improvement from the survey that’s conducted at the end of the performances too. It’s truly about audience participation.

The shows are offered late enough that you can go after your day of sightseeing at Kyoto’s shrines and temples and shopping is over, making this the best way to spend a full day of touring in Japan. Be sure to check out GEAR: a performance to experience with your five senses! Information: Map

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