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Station Master Nitama Cat & 3 Unique Local Lines Running in Wakayama

There’s probably many of you who have heard of the world’s first cat stationmaster, Tama. After Stationmaster Tama passed away suddenly last year in June 2015, she was made Honorable Eternal Stationmaster and her deputy Nitama (whose role was “Super Stationmaster”) was newly promoted. Today we’ll be talking about the unique local lines where cats work as station masters for those who don’t know the details, as well as tips for sightseeing in the area.


Kishi Station



Kishi Station is the final stop on the Wakayama Private Railway’s Kishigawa Line, located about 30 minutes from Wakayama Station. Its traditional hinoki thatched roof resembles a cat’s face and is where the stationmaster successor Nitama works. The following three unique trains run from Kishi Station and the station’s now a worldly famous attraction itself. Information: Map


1. Tama Densha


This cat train is nicknamed “Tamaden”. It’s the first train in the world to have ears.


Modeled after the late Stationmaster Tama, there are decals of 101 cats and it’s very cute. This train will make you smile.


The interior’s also neko, neko, neko (cats)! There are cats allover.


They’ve gone to every last detail: the back of the chairs are made in the shape of cat silhouettes and there are paw prints around the station.

The stationmaster successor: Stationmaster Nitama,

The current stationmaster, Nitama, has the perfectly satisfied face lol


2. Omocha (Toy) Densha


The 2nd one is Omocha Densha, otherwise known as “Omoden”. While it may be called “omocha” (meaning toy) don’t worry because it’s functionally a real train!

The interior was based off toy boxes and children’s bedrooms where there are old toys and plastic models, figurines and event Gacha machines. This is sure to please any child and highly recommended for families.


3. Ichigo (Strawberry) Densha


The 3rd is Ichigo Densha, which uses the region’s specialty product, strawberries, for its motif. It’s very popular with women.

It’s all about the fruit! There’s strawberries everywhere from the seats to more.


Local Attraction 1: Fruit Picking

One reason for the Ichigo Densha is because Wakayama is one of the foremost regions in Japan for fruit. Hopefully you’ll use any one of the lines to go eat fresh and sweet Japanese fruits from oranges and grapes to kiwis and persimmons.


Local Attraction 2: Visit 3 Shrines in Saikoku


Famous Shinto shrines stand along the Kishigawa Line. Among them are 3—Hinokuma Jingu-Kunikakasu Jingu, Kamayama Shrine and Itakiso Shrine—that are extremely important shrines, so much so that visiting all 3 is to visit the 3 biggest shrines in western Japan.

We highly recommend killing two birds with one stone and riding the unique trains to visit these shrines. You can purchase a one-day roundtrip ticket on the Kishigawa Line, which is a great deal!


This was one plan for sightseeing in Wakayama if you have 1-2 days. Try it out if you’re interested!

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