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Asakusa Marugoto Nippon: A New Retail Complex Where Artisans of Japan Gather

“Marugoto Nippon” opened in Asakusa on December 17rh of 2015. It is a place where you can see, try, buy or eat delicacies and crafts of Japan. Even for Japanese living in the Tokyo area, it is filled with things that we haven’t seen, making it a very exciting place.


The facility is made up of 4 floors with a total of 50 stores.


1F: Regional Delicacies (Japanese Foods)

This is a floor that offers all kinds of delicious things from all over Japan. There are many foods that are direct from the farm or are organic. Absolutely exquisite.

This is an arrangement of the traditional Akita dish Kiritanpo, called Kometanpo.


“Kura” where 300 kinds of Japanese sake are gathered from all over Japan.
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Premium onigiri (rice ball) using the Koshihikari brand rice from Niigata.


Delicious rice-burger using wagyu beef from Shimane.
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Using mikan oranges, grown in Ehime, a 100% fruit juice pours out from the faucet.

And so on, you can get full on the samplers alone. Of course they are available for purchase as souvenirs.


2F: Daily Items Made with Traditional Craftsmanship

This is a floor that has daily items and goods made using the skills of the craftsmen from all over Japan. Needless to speak of the difference in quality compared to items that are mass produced, but there are also many innovative goods that are functional.

A bag made of numerous flags.

A teapot with a smooth form.

There is even a section where you can experience the famous hot spring of Oita in a foot bath.


3F: Performance/ Trying for yourself

This is a floor that tries to explore and promote good products that are hidden away unnoticed in various parts of Japan. There are booths that feature the cities and villages of Japan and visitors can see how traditional dishes of each region are made as well as try exclusive products.


4F: Restaurant Floor


This is the restaurant floor where you can enjoy your meal and see the sights of Asakusa from the window. There are fresh seafood rice bowls, tripe stew, Hiroshima style okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), all kinds of deliciousness galore.


A Little Extra: Yume Sharaku Photo Studio



There is even an area where you can change into a costume of your choice and take commemorative photos. They have costumes for rental or you can bring your own. It is different from a simple snapshot photo. The Yume Sharaku photo studio inside Marugoto Nippon offers a very professional photo-shoot. Please note that because of this, you must have prior reservation.


Because it is located in a famous tourist destination, Asakusa it is easily accessible. We recommend you stop by. Since it just opened recently, it is a facility that is getting attention from local Japanese as well. Information: Map

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